Radio interview with Judy Redlich on “Encounter”


These days an
interview I did with Judy Redlich, is becoming broadcast on the radio system
Judy Redlich 
Tuesday 1:30 p.m. 

You can tune into Encounter weekdays
1:30pm on KSIV AM 1320 or FM 95.9 for
Christian viewpoint, globe view and stimulating conversation. 
Judy also performs for the Joni and Pals workplace in the St. Louis
region. Please tune in for an fascinating discussion. Right here is how the interview
is described.

“Hunting for a
Sunday School curriculum that could attain developmentally disabled adults
at your church?  Meet Jeff McNair, its author, and national disability
advocate.  Discover about new suggestions for advocating for persons with
disabilities and their households.”

Thanks for listening in!



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