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five. Thursday: The Cup of Remembrance ….”when you drink this cup don’t forget me” Jesus
The cup of the new covenant …as you drink from your cup currently, Take into account the final supper. Feel about Jesus serving his disciples by means of washing their feet. Image them about the table celebrating the Passover. What does washing someone’s feet appear like in 201? How can you serve an individual currently?

six. Friday: The Cup of Suffering. Jesus prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane that God would eliminate the cup of suffering from him. But Jesus was prepared to take the cup for each and every of us. Any point in your life you want God would eliminate? Speak to God about this. Any places of suffering exactly where you want healing? Ask Jesus to heal you. Take time to pray for
these about the planet who are suffering. Pray for these who drink from cups of suffering on a every day basis. Areas like Syria, the US southern border, Zimbabwe and Mozambique, Sudan, Congo, Iraq, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Haiti, and so forth.

7. Saturday: The Empty Cup. Loss. The disciples hadn’t understood that Jesus had to die. They hadn’t planned on losing their buddy. And they had been afraid that they could die also. Appear at your empty cup. Have you suffered a loss this week, this month, this year? Enable Jesus to be with you in that loss. Sit with the empty cup and give the loss to Jesus. What fears are in your cup currently? As you hold your cup image Jesus holding your fears. Give your loss and your worry to Jesus.

eight. Sunday: Cup of Resurrection and New Life. As you drink from your cup currently thank Jesus for the New Life that is in you ask Him to show you glimpses of resurrection and hope currently and in the days to come. What items in nature, or in other people today give you hope? How can you bring resurrection/hope to an individual currently?

Extras:  Monday just after Easter: The Cup of What is Subsequent? The disciples now had a new reality, Jesus was no longer dead!  For some this was fascinating, for other folks like Peter, it produced life uncertain. So he goes back to what he did just before, fishing! What had been they supposed to do now? How do they reside? They had been becoming invited into a new life of resurrection, a new life of living out the methods of Jesus. As you drink from your cup currently, speak to Jesus about any doubts, fears or uncertainties you have about what is subsequent in your life. Ask Jesus to show you his excellent appreciate in the middle of the concerns and the waiting on what is subsequent. Don’t forget that like Peter, Jesus has a contact and program for you and loves you much more than you can even envision!

Have a superb Holy Week! Drink deeply of that Wonderful Like!

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