Pandeism and pantheism and Christianity


Hi people,

I take into consideration myself a Christian, and also hold beliefs close to pantheist and pandeist doctrines. TLDR at bottom.

I think that reality is identical to God, and each of these factors are equivalent to pure Like. I think that God designed itself/the universe, producing every thing take place the way God planned it. I think God is omniscient, omnibenevolent, and omnipotent, in that every thing (such as evil) is a portion of a Great course of action, that God tends to make every thing take place/knows what&#039s going to take place (such as our no cost will), and is omnipotent in the reality that God produced every thing take place. I don&#039t consider that we are God or that we are separate from God, in that we are components of God current inside God. God is higher than just about every issue due to the fact God is Every little thing. I think Sin is missing the mark that God is every thing and in just about every issue, and seeing ourselves as seperate is the only issue in the way from us feeling God&#039s like, in spite of its ever presence and our getting regardless. On the other hand, when we repent, and let go of our sins that separate us, we see God in its totality in just about every portion of God, and can reside in God&#039s light. I have study a lot of The Bible, and I have not identified something that straight discounts these beliefs.


I have had communing experiences with God just before, and had periods of repentance in addition to my a lot of periods of living deep in sin. No matter if my beliefs or words are correct (genuinely they can&#039t be, I consider God is beyond all words) I really feel that I can inform when a person genuinely has communed with God. I lately met a person who I know has communed with God. I could really feel it in my heart, nonetheless he holds really various Christian beliefs from me (God getting separate from us) and it truly peaked my interest. I don&#039t doubt my beliefs, but I could also inform that he has seasoned the Truth. This was truly fascinating to me. It was my initial expertise of a person who I knew believed in the very same issue but understood it in a opposing way.


I just wanted to share, and see if there was any individual in this neighborhood who had a comparable expertise of encountering a person who you knew genuinely believed but understood in a really various way, and also if there&#039s any individual who comparable approaches of my understanding God. I am open to critiques, and Bible verses that assistance or contradict what I am saying.


tldr I am a Christian pantheist who seasoned a person who I knew had correct faith but understood in a contrasting way, and I&#039m hunting to hear men and women&#039s thoughts and critiques and stories!

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