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Matthew 21:10

It was only a matter of days ahead of He would be crucified, and Jesus had just entered Jerusalem. The crowd had been waving palm branches and shouting His praise. The onlookers weren’t certain what was taking place. in Matthew’s words,

When [Jesus] had come into Jerusalem, all the city was moved, saying, ‘Who is this?’ — Matthew 21:10

“Who is this?” This query does not belong only in initially-century Jerusalem. All through the centuries and continuing nowadays, individuals have been opinionating and speculating on the identity of Jesus of Nazareth. Some say He was a sort of guru, a sensible and gentle teacher of trite platitudes and object lessons. Other folks say Jesus was 1 in a lengthy line of prophets. And extra than 1 apologist has argued that there are only 3 possibilities as to Christ’s identity: He was a liar, falsely claiming to be God He was a lunatic, bona fide crazy and delusional, out of touch with reality or He was, in reality, who He mentioned He was, the Son of God, Lord.

Jesus was not low profile when He entered Jerusalem. Matthew reported that when He entered the city on Palm Sunday, “all the city was moved” when He arrived (Matthew 21:10). in their puzzlement, they asked, “Who is this?” Do you want to see God move in such a way that your personal city is stirred and your neighbors start to ask, “Who is this?” Who is this who place your life back with each other and created one thing stunning of it? Who is this Who restored your household? Who is this who delivered you from addiction? Who is this Who turned your sadness into joy? Who is this?

What does it take for God to move, shake, and stir an complete city? We can study from this singular day two thousand years ago. It occurred when Jesus’ followers started to practical experience Him, to extol Him, and to extend Him to other people. The outcome? The individuals about them started to ask, “Who is this?”

Expertise Him

We come to know Jesus when we practical experience getting in His presence. And the way to genuinely practical experience Him is to listen to Him and obey Him. Such was the case two thousand years ago. The stage was set for the city to encounter and practical experience Jesus when He instructed two of His disciples to go into a nearby village, come across a donkey, and bring it to Him.

So the disciples went and did as Jesus commanded them. — Matthew 21:six

No doubt. No defiance. No delay. They just “went and did” in obedience to Jesus, fulfilling the Old Testament prophecy that

Your King is coming to you… lowly and riding on a donkey. — Zechariah 9:9

These two followers who have been sent to get a donkey could have decided that a white stallion would be substantially extra acceptable for their Master. But they didn’t. They basically obeyed Him. Also numerous Christ-followers nowadays, nonetheless, let what we consider ought to be take priority more than His actual commands. However 1 explanation God moved the city that day to ask, “Who is this?” was the tremendous spirit of obedience amongst these who listened to Him. Jesus is nonetheless on His throne nowadays, He is nonetheless speaking to us, and He is nonetheless commanding us to obey His commandments as set forth in His word. when we honor Him by obeying Him, when extra of His personal individuals start to practical experience Him via obedience to His word, we will come across that He is also nonetheless in the business enterprise of moving cities to ask, “Who is this?”

Extol Him

As Jesus started His descent into Jerusalem, the individuals started to honor and extol Him. They actually carpeted the road with their coats and palm branches as they shouted their praise:

Hosanna to the Son of David! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord! Hosanna in the highest! — Matthew 21:9

What brought about this outburst of praise? Place your self in the crowd and you will quickly come across out. Appear more than there at Bartimaeus. Just final week in Jericho, he was blind and begging by the side of the road. But then Jesus noticed him, stopped, and gave sight to his darkened eyes with a spoken word. Now Bartimaeus was seeing every little thing about him. No wonder he was praising Jesus! And appear more than there at that man with tears of joy streaming down his face. Why, it is Lazarus of Bethany, who not lengthy ago was dead and in the grave… till Jesus gave him new life. And there, more than there, is that formerly crippled man who for thirty-eight years could be located lying by the pool of Bethesda. But appear at him now, dancing and singing and shouting his personal hosannas to this King of kings.

Do you and I have any significantly less explanation to extol Jesus, to shout our personal hosannas nowadays?

We have noticed His greatest miracle ever: His provision of new birth via His death and resurrection. We have been dead in our sin till He brought us new life.

However, sadly, some of us have lost the joyful spirit of praise — and we desperately require to recover it. God will move in our cities and prompt these about us to ask, “Who is this?” when we, like these of old who have skilled Him — we who pick to obey Him — extol Him with our praise.

Extend Him

These faithful followers lining the street on that original Palm Sunday did not only praise Jesus, they started to extend Him to other people. They wanted other people to meet their Savior and Lord. Absolutely nothing could hold them from sharing the fantastic news that Jesus was their lengthy-awaited Messiah and that they had located in Him their hope. Enthusiasm filled the day.

Caught up in the excitement of this moment, the individuals started to ask, “Who is this?” And the crowd lining the street responded with,

This is Jesus, the prophet from Nazareth of Galilee. — Matthew 26:10-11

The individuals who had gathered not only skilled Jesus that day, they not only extolled Him, but they extended Him to other people. “This is Jesus!” was their cry.

When we do the exact same — when we praise Jesus for what He has accomplished in our lives and share our stories with other people — the individuals about us will also ask, “Who is this?” Who is this… Who transformed your life? Who is this… Who place your household back with each other? Who is this… Who brought you peace in the midst of such tragedy? Who is this… Who enabled you to be victorious more than your addiction? Who is this… Who gave you hope in the darkness of your situations? Who is this? Who is this? “This is Jesus!” You have skilled Him, so now extol Him and extend Him to other people.

Q &amp A: “Who is this?” In the end, every of us should answer this query for ourselves. Who is Jesus to you? Was He a liar — a figure out of history who created some outrageous and fully untrue claims about Himself? Was He a lunatic — some crazed prophet from the middle of nowhere with illusions of grandeur and delusions of deity? Or is Jesus Lord? Your eternal destiny rests on your answer. May possibly you join with the crowd in exclaiming, “This is Jesus!”

Excerpted with permission from The Jesus Code by O.S. Hawkins, copyright O.S. Hawkins.

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Your Turn

HOSANNAH! Hosannah in the highest! Who is Jesus to you? Have you skilled Him? Extolled Him? Extended Him to other people? Come share with us on our weblog! We want to hear from you this Palm Sunday! ~ Devotionals Day-to-day



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