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It was a attractive Wednesday evening in mid-October when a very first-time mother place her tiny child in the vehicle seat, and drove a mile to the college creating exactly where the seventh grade religious education class she was teaching was to meet.

As she entered the classroom, the students saw the infant, gathered about, and had been eager to take turns holding the 4-month old child girl.  They fussed more than the youngster, admiring with delight how tiny and sweet she was.

In the previous two classes, the subject of abortion had come up in class discussions some of these thirteen year-olds believed that it was alright for a lady to terminate her pregnancy, to finish her unborn child’s life with an abortion, at least in particular situations.

Now, when class started, she, the teacher, asked for a show of hands of who believed an abortion was okay.  More than half of the hands went up.

The young mother decided to support the students, tangibly, to appear at the concern in a new way.

She went on to clarify that this tiny child had just been diagnosed, the week just before, with a vision impairment her optic nerves had been underdeveloped.  She and her husband did not know how a great deal (if any) the child would be in a position to see.

The class was speechless.

20180719_205946.jpgFollowing a lot more discussion, in closing, the young mother asked for a new show of hands as to how numerous students believed abortion was okay.  No hands went up this time.

I share this story now, obtaining heard it from my mother more than the years, for I am that “little child.”  My life could have been terminated if these advocating selective abortion had their way.

With current legislation, in some regions, which does not respect the dignity of the life of the unborn, I felt it was suitable to share my connection with the concern.

While I have had to deal with the challenges of impaired vision by means of the years, it unquestionably has not deprived my life of which means.  I am so grateful that I have had the chance to reside, an chance denied to so numerous kids of current generations.

Now, I perform in a care facility, serving Christ in our residents who have to have a caring household, individuals whose lives are not normally noticed as beneficial.  Several of them are elderly and closer to the finish of their lives.  I really feel privileged to be in a position to support them, recognizing the dignity and worth of each and every life.

Sr. Christina M. Neumann, OSF

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