Looking for the Wealthy T


rich t

I was raised on Wealthy Tea biscuits.

That is not precisely accurate but absolutely some of my favourite childhood memories are of consuming Wealthy Tea biscuits at my grandmother’s home and the secret she shared with me that they tasted even superior when dunked in tea. It is a memory I treasure and 1 that nonetheless prompts me to search for the Wealthy Tea biscuits when buying.

Treasure comes in lots of types – or what I contact ‘Rich T’.

Lately we have been reminded by the news of private memories captured and shared on social media from 2014. Memories of a frequent practical experience across the globe that raised revenue for investigation into the degenerative illness ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis). Treasured memories raising ‘treasure’ in what was referred to as the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’.

You may well have taken aspect in this challenge oneself. Irrespective of whether you did or not the point has been created that what seemed like a trivial gesture by way of social media truly created a distinction. Study performed by way of revenue raised by the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ has created a breakthrough in the remedy of ALS.

ice fizh

For these of us who are wary of social media, and usually for excellent purpose, this is one thing worth remembering. The point is concisely created by Imtiaz Ali when he writes on the good and damaging effects of social media:

“Another good influence of social networking web-sites is to unite persons on a big platform for the achievement of some particular objective. This is extremely significant to bring good adjust in society.”

Social media is a mirror which reflects what we decide on to treasure – our ‘Rich T’. Whether inward or outward seeking, social media gives a statement of what we decide on to worth.

That theme of option is a point powerfully created in the film ‘Rush’ from 2013. The film retells the accurate story of James Hunt winning the Formula One particular Grand Prix in Japan in 1976. Hunt’s primary rival by way of the film, Nicki Lauda, has to make a important selection which in essence is primarily based upon what he really values – winning the Grand Prix or getting with the lady he loves.

I am reminded of the words of Jesus when he says:

“For exactly where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (Matthew six:21)

Irrespective of whether you are a Christian or not I consider there is considerably to consider about in this sentence. It is a theme repeated in the parables of Jesus, such as the Parable of the Pearl of Wonderful Price tag and the Parable of the Wealthy Fool. Each ask a very simple query:

  • What are you investing in?

The Romans had a saying, “Money is like sea water, the additional you drink the thirstier you develop into.” Beyond that which gives for simple requirements the majority of persons in the created globe have a considerable quantity of option. Even so trivial the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ may well be deemed, there is treasure inside it. ‘All that glisters is not gold’ is a accurate saying but ask oneself this – is it ice? It may well not lie inside ice buckets but what will lead to accurate riches in the selections that we make?

Treasure comes in lots of types and social media will only reflect the truth currently lying inside us. For that reason we only require to ask 1 very simple, timeless query:

  • What is the ‘Rich T’ we are in search of?

Possibly it is time to appear from a unique point of view.



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