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We lately returned from a weeklong mission’s trip to Haiti. Through that time our group seasoned so a lot and was capable to share it via weblog posts. Now that I am in the midst of reentry I wanted to revisit these weblog posts and procedure some of the items God taught me through our time in Haiti. Really feel no cost to join me as I continue this journey.


Currently we partnered with Hope Increasing, a nearby ministry that operates an orphanage, college and church, to place on a neighborhood overall health fair. As the busload of tiny kids and their caregivers arrived we lined them up to bring them via the education stations and checkups with a doctor. 

Some children smiled shyly back at us, other folks hid behind their mother’s legs. Babies have been passed back and forth, taking breaks to nurse or drink from their bottle. We couldn’t support but be drawn in…kids in any nation and culture will do that to you. 

And then the tiny child was brought in. Clearly sick, lying lifeless in his father’s arms. His arms impossibly thin and his eyes gaunt. The physicians and nurses on our group huddled with each other following assessing him. And then he was taken away on the back of a moto—still lying in his father’s arms—to the hospital. The child looked to be just a couple months old but he will be a single subsequent month. 

It is so challenging to see but it wouldn’t be suitable to shield ourselves from it. That is what I’ve taken in so far. There are items that are challenging to see and there are items that are wonderful to see. They’re usually intertwined and will be component of all of our experiences this week. 

And I’m particular God will speak to us in the beauty and in the challenging items.


**For the reason that the neighborhood of mission workers is tight-knit in Haiti, we have been capable to come across out that the tiny boy we saw that very first day was transferred to a excellent hospital exactly where he could acquire the care he necessary.**


God did speak to us. Right after that very first day we gathered for a group devotional and I received an incredible word from the Lord via our host, Jen. 


How do we anticipate God to answer our prayers? Should we wait expectantly for a particular quantity of time and repeat our prayers in order for them to be heard? No. I assume we do think this does not have to be the way we strategy God. Yet, it feels strange to anticipate an immediate answer from him. This is what we have been asked to do that evening. We have been presented with two concerns. God, what is a single factor you enjoy about me? God, what do you have for me this week?


We provided this concerns up to God and waited expectantly for an answer…or even a hint of His voice. And right here was exactly where we have been encouraged to take into account one thing else. What does God’s voice sound like? I have never heard what I believed was the voice of God. I imagined it to be like a man’s voice, possibly in my thoughts but possibly even a lot more audible than that. But then we exactly where challenged with this: if God has offered us the present of the Holy Spirit…and this spirit dwells inside us…then is it feasible that he would use what sounds like our personal voice to speak to us? 


He did this for me. Pretty much quickly. As I provided up these concerns to God right here is what I heard.


God, what is a single factor you enjoy about me?

Your heart for other folks that is developing.


God, what do you have for me this week?

To learn what that appears like out in the globe. 


Easy answers and possibly not totally clear…and however it produced excellent sense. God spoke and it changed my globe. Forever.





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