Leadership Pitfalls To Stay clear of in 2018



Leadership Pitfalls to Stay clear of in 2018

In 2017 we saw the fall of a lot of leaders in America. Although I am certain a lot of of these people believed they would by no means fall from their lofty position, the Scripture nonetheless rings correct, “So if you consider you are standing firm, be cautious that you do not fall (Very first Corinthians 10:12 NIV).” As Christian leaders, what are some pitfalls we can keep away from in 2018 so that we are not generating the exact same errors other people created in 2017? Right here are 3 Leadership Pitfalls to keep away from in 2018.

  1. Not Obtaining Individual Quiet Time – This may well appear simplistic, but not spending time alone in Bible Reading and Prayer can be a essential leadership pitfall. Considering the fact that a purpose of leadership is to serve these we lead, we can’t serve absolutely without the need of looking for God’s strength to lead every day. Peter stated, “If any person serves he must do so with the strength God supplies so that in all items God may well be praised by way of Jesus Christ… (Very first Peter four:11 NIV).” Our ultimate purpose is for God to obtain the glory in all that we do, so we have to rely on His strength day-to-day by way of prayer and trusting in His Word.
  2. Not Respecting Other folks – In 2017, we observed a lot of leaders fall mainly because of their sinful nature. Selfishness took more than and the need to appear out for only themselves took complete show. Paul writes to the church at Philippi, “In humility worth other people above yourselves (Philippians two:three NIV).” Not respecting other people can be yet another leadership pitfall to keep away from in 2018. As Christian leaders, we must adhere to the model of servant leadership Jesus Christ displayed. He took upon Himself the type of a servant and became obedient unto death (Philippians two:five-11). As we adhere to this model of servant leadership, we will not only be major other people in the workplace, but we will be major other people toward the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  3. Not Increasing as a Leader – The final leadership pitfall to keep away from in 2018 is not increasing as a leader. When we think we have arrived and know all there is to know about leadership, we have failed as a leader. Use 2018 to develop as a leader. Discover additional about your location of leadership by way of reading books interview a colleague to get insight in your particular field of ministry listen to ministry podcasts or take a course on LinkedIn Finding out. Proverbs 1:five says, “Let the sensible listen and add to their mastering.”

As leaders, let’s not repeat the errors of the previous. Let us develop in godliness, serve these we lead and discover additional in 2018 than we ever have just before. Far more importantly as Christian leaders, let’s seek the glory of God in our leadership rather than the glory of man.


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