Keep away from These Roadblocks to Progress – JIM MARTIN


Maybe you have been there.  Somebody desires to speak with you about a dilemma.  This individual is asking you for ideas.  You silently pray to God that you may possibly say the appropriate issue.  You commence to speak.  On the other hand, the conversation does not go as you anticipated.  This individual has a strenuous objection for most all the things you say.

I was considering about this lately and it occurred to me that there are particular roadblocks to our personal progress and development that just get in the way.

Roadblock #1 – My defensiveness and denial

“Nothing is incorrect with me.  I do not have a dilemma.  In truth, I am now angry with you for suggesting that I have a dilemma.”  My personal defensiveness can basically get in the way of any progress at all.  Consequently, months go by without the need of any genuine optimistic movement.

Roadblock #two – My refusal to listen

“What do you imply I do not listen!  Why my good friends inform me that I am a pretty superior listener!”  Such a individual could place up a wall prior to you can even finish your sentence.  Meanwhile, a person who is genuinely listening may possibly decide on rather to ask a clarifying query or two to take benefit of an chance for self awareness.

Roadblock #three – My lack of self-awareness

This may possibly be the individual who loses good friends, deeply offends co-workers, and alienates other individuals but does not see a dilemma with his or her personal behavior.  In truth, this individual may possibly lack self-awareness to the point that he honestly does not see what he is undertaking to harm these relationships.  In his thoughts, the fault is to be located with everybody else.

Roadblock #four – My refusal to get assist

This may possibly be the individual who says he/she desires assist and even asks for ideas.  On the other hand, the individual opposes just about every single suggestion presented.

“Why really should I see a counselor?  I currently know what a counselor is going to inform me.”

“Me, see an lawyer?  Why would I do that?  I can deal with this.”

“Why really should I see a medical professional?  That is ridiculous!”  On and on it goes.

The query I genuinely will need to reflect on is, “How do I make progress as I grapple with this dilemma?”  No you shouldn’t listen to everyone, that will only lead to confusion.  On the other hand, if you seek out a couple of sensible, godly persons, specially these with expertise in navigating some of life’s issues, you may possibly want to at least listen – genuinely listen – to that individual.   And — prior to swiftly saying “Of course I listen!,” you may possibly ask the individual to whom you are speaking no matter whether or not they really feel like you have genuinely listened.

Life is tough.  On the other hand, it can turn into even a lot more tough when we place up roadblocks to our personal progress.



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