It is February, Create a Enjoy Letter to Your self


The starting of February signals that Valentines Day is close to.  For these in loving, intimate relationships who place a lot of which means into this vacation, they may possibly be all atwitter about how they will devote time with a companion or how expressions of like will be symbolized in gifts or other loving acts.  For persons who are single, there could be a weight connected with the impending day of hearts and flowers, as they consider what &#8220other people&#8221 are carrying out.  And let&#8217s not overlook about these who couldn&#8217t care much less about this &#8220fabricated&#8221 vacation and are basically a bit annoyed by the materialism and expectations about all of it.

Wherever you match on the continuum above, let&#8217s toss it all aside for a minute to think about a fresh paradigm.


No, not the narcissistic type but a state of appreciation of your self, who you are, your strengths and what you bring to the table for buddies, household and intimate connections.  These who have a sturdy sense of who they are and are clear on their worth, have a tendency to radiate this outward.

When you practice loving your self it is advantageous in that you are far better capable to:

  • Be mindful.  This assists with clarity about what you seriously want.
  • Practice self-forgiveness.  You are far better capable to give your self a break which is a counter to self-criticism.
  • Set boundaries.  You are much less probably to let persons take benefit of you but rather be assertive with your desires and wants.
  • Really feel joy.  When you think you have worth, your set point is 1 of peace rather feeling much less than.

Create a like letter to your self.

I know, this can be a challenge.  It could really feel a small counter-intuitive to create to your self in this way&#8230and even possibly uncomfortably self-indulgent.   This will be specially accurate if you have deeply held doubts and insecurities (which lots of of us do).  But the energy in affirming and lifting your self up is undeniable and the extra you internalize your worth, the like will reverberate via your pretty becoming and outward to other people.

In the spirit of &#8220carrying out as I say,&#8221 I wrote a like letter to myself:

Dear Lisa,

I wanted to let you know how crucial you are to me.  You are loved and lovable.  Dismiss the reminders of heartache that sometimes nonetheless whisper in your ear, that you are not superior sufficient.  Your strength, independence, intelligence and drive have propelled you via your life with a fierce determination to thrive&#8230and you have.  I like your wit, sometimes dipping into juvenile humor.  Your loyalty and capability to deeply connect with persons is appreciated by lots of in your life and is also a excellent service to your function in assisting other people rise up from their personal discomfort, individually and in their relationships.

Continue to place loving work into what&#8217s crucial to you as you stroll down your path as a mom, wife, pal, household member, therapist, athlete, nature and travel lover.  Recall that to be of most worth to these you care about, you need to worth and care about your self as effectively.

Enjoy, Lisa

As I wrote that, conscious that my intention was to share it, I noticed myself feeling a flash of vulnerability.  Will persons consider I&#8217m&#8230right here&#8217s the word once again&#8230&#8221narcissistic?&#8221  Effectively, I suppose some will.  Other people may possibly commence to sweat with discomfort imagining what they would create to themselves.  Regardless, element of the function of self-like is to diminish your worry of what other people consider, to cease letting your fears about what they consider dictate how you really feel about your self.  There will usually be somebody in life who for what ever purpose, just doesn&#8217t like.

Healthful self-like and narcissism are two pretty various issues, every born out of various drives and intentions.

If extra persons genuinely loved themselves, my therapy practice would surely shrink.  There would be much less queries of inherent worth, much less self doubt, fewer adverse stories that persons carried about themselves.  And all of this would improve their relationships in that like and safety would replace worry and vulnerability inside the couple.

Back to what inspired this piece. 

I have a pal with a firm generating heart necklaces.  She gave me 1 of their necklaces for my birthday final year, a gold choker with the sweetest modest heart.  Final evening when out to dinner with a group, she pulled out some of their new pieces and I fell in like with 1.  It was recommended that 1 of my buddies should really send my husband the hyperlink to purchase it for me for Valentines Day (not a bid thought) but I decided to treat myself as MY act of &#8220self-like.&#8221  (Verify out her amazing collection at

This entire exchange got me pondering extra about the intention of Valentines Day, that expressions of like for other people can also be expressions of like for self.  I hope these who are presently single, worth Valentines Day and are feeling dread about it this month, think about approaches they can practice self-like.

If writing your self a like letter is not comfy, don&#8217t let that cease you from discovering other approaches to honor and worth your self.  Don&#8217t let previous experiences, errors you&#8217ve created or perceptions of what other people consider dictate your inherent worth.

You ARE lovable.


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