I (25F) am acquiring fed up with husband’s (25M) anger/abuse. Do not know what to do : relationships


Husband and I have been with each other 7 years, married for six. We have two children ages 1 and five. A couple weeks just after moving in with each other we went grocery buying. I purchased a $three snack (sort of like a kinder surprise egg), unbeknownst to him till we got property and we’re placing away groceries. He checked the treat in the trash and then berated me for “wasting income on some thing so stupid.” He ignored me for the rest of the day. For the subsequent two years he’d get angry at compact, irrational factors like this, but I’d just grit my teeth and ignore it.

3 years ago his mom passed away and the abuse escalated to the point that it was physical a couple instances and he’d yell at me in front of strangers/family members. I packed my daughter up and left, but he begged me to come back, and did a handful of factors to prove this would never ever take place once more. I forgave him and chalked it up to him not realizing how to deal with his mom’s death. Extended story quick, we reconciled and his angry outbursts have been handful of and far in between because then. Till final week.

Six months ago I accidentally threw his remote auto keys in the washer. He referred to as me stupid but replaced the battery and life went on. Final week I accidentally washed his keys once more. When I realized what I’d carried out I retrieved the keys from the washer and ran outdoors to attempt and see if the remote nonetheless worked or regardless of whether it would need to have new batteries. He followed me outdoors and yelled “What are you undertaking? Get back in right here!” He yanked the keys from me, then locked the door so I would not come in. I was stranded outdoors, but fortunately I had left the back door open so I went in by way of the back. I know that when he’s mad it is pointless to apologize or otherwise speak to him so I avoided him and completed folding the laundry.

He came in about five minutes later and referred to as me a bitch, then demanded I go to the retailer and replace the batteries. Fair sufficient, except the remote essential particular batteries you can not get at each retailer. I asked exactly where I need to go discover them, he got angrier and told me to figure it out. So I pulled out my telephone and searched which retailers had them in stock. He screamed at me for becoming on my telephone and becoming “also stupid” that I had to appear up exactly where to invest in them. I place on my jacket and grabbed my infant, then announced that I’d be going to Target due to the fact I saw they have the batteries in stock. Husband became livid and threw me down on the bed and slapped me twice due to the fact I was going to Target (which is a 15 min drive)as an alternative of Walgreens (five min). He did this even though I was nonetheless holding my infant AND in front of our five year old who was in our bed watching Television.

I am tired of his shit. Our connection clearly is not healthful. The worst aspect is that he brushed the incident off the subsequent day as if nothing at all occurred. He claimed his response was suitable due to the fact I produced him angry! I enjoy him and I want we could repair factors and have a content marriage, but in my heart I know that he’s carried out this prior to and I do not want my children to witness this increasing up. I do not know what to do in this scenario or how to go about ending our connection.

Tldr: Husband of 7 years is violent/has anger challenges and I do not know how to finish the connection


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