Here’s why I am YES on Measure G (SDSU West)


Here’s why I’m YES on Measure G (SDSU West):

  1. Like several San Diegans, I want that the city had been permitted to go via the regular procedure, whereby soon after an RFP and considerably public debate, a winner had been selected for the present Mission Valley place of the Chargers. But Measure E (SoccerCity) forced the hands of civic-minded folks to stand up for the university just before the land was stolen by the hedge fund guys. Provided that this is is not the procedure we want but it is the process we’ve gotten, this is the finest of the two selections.
  2. Voting YES suggests saving taxpayers millions and 10 years of debate. I believe it is Hugely Most likely that if the city had been to go via a frequent procedure, one thing like SDSU West would emerge from that process… just in 10 years and at a price of millions of dollars.
  3. Living in the college location I know how considerably stress the development of SDSU is placing on the neighborhoods. The College neighborhood straight away to our north has been totally lost to mini dorms, such as developers finding an ordinance meant to shield the neighborhood from mini dorms in the courts. Developing out MV for SDSU– even if it is not that considerably housing– will take stress off of the College location neighborhoods and move it down to MV which is greater equipped for greater density housing.
  4. As opposed to SoccerCity, SDSU West would sell the land to the CSU and any improvement going forward would undergo a full environmental evaluation.
  5. With a developing population in California every single university in San Diego desires area to develop. Final year 93,000 folks applied for eight,000 very first-year spots. The present campus is fairly considerably maxed out, we have to have extra space.
  6. Anything will be paid for by way of public/private partnerships and income bonds. This will not raise the price of education nor will it pass the price off to citizens.
  7. All of the fees of upkeep, tearing down the current stadium, and so on straight away go to SDSU as quickly as the deal closes. (This is a massive distinction amongst Measure G and Measure E)

I could go on and on. Provided the situations, this is the finest selection for SDSU and the city. Voting no on it would only delay points by 10 years for no actual explanation, fundamentally just creating it all extra costly for everybody.

Complete disclosure

I’m a season ticket holder and a somewhat inactive member of the Aztec Club, who does fundraising for SDSU Athletics.

I am presently functioning with SDSU West’s spokesperson Fred Pierce on an unrelated neighborhood matter. He and I have no connection beyond the discussions we’ve had on the neighborhood matter.

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