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“Our son had carried out nicely. He went to superior schools and graduated with accolades. He also served in the military for a time. He had a incredibly promising profession ahead of him.

Sadly, he has joined an eastern religious sect. The members of this sect get in touch with upon him constantly. They have provided him a new set of strange close friends, a strange new vocabulary, and, nicely, he’s just various.

He spends most of his time with the persons in this sect, and he regards them to be his new household. He is closer to them than he is with his personal flesh and blood.

They are regularly sharing their bizarre beliefs with any one who will listen. He spends his time with the worst type of persons: criminals, addicts, and the homeless.

He’s sold lots of of his possessions and he lives incredibly just. He tells us that he and the other people in his religion share their possessions with every other and they also give a excellent deal to the poor.

He broke off his connection with his fiancé and ended lots of of his friendships, all simply because of his new beliefs.

He has also lost his ambition to be productive.

He no longer joins us to celebrate the holidays. His entertainment alternatives have changed as well, and he’s renounced the religion we raised him on. In addition, he no longer loves his nation as he after did.

His new way of living goes against every little thing we taught him. We are heartsick. We’ve lost our son.

He’s a failure now, lost to a strange cult and we do not know what to do about it.”

Now who wrote this letter?

Answer: The letter wasn’t penned by the parent of a Moonie or a Hare Krishna or a member of the Heaven’s Gate cult.

Rather, it is a letter compiled by aristocratic Roman parents who lamented that their youngsters had come to be Jesus-followers. It was taken from letters and documents from the initial, second, and third centuries.*

The letter describes these who have joined the Insurgence – each yesterday and currently.

The gospel of the kingdom that was preached in the initial century has been lost to us, and it is higher time we reclaimed and recovered it.

The new Insurgence podcast explores extra about this.

By the way, original Christianity is Eastern not Western. (Our Lord came from the Israel, which is in the East. Jerusalem is east of Constantinople.) Later, when Rome produced it the official religion, Christianity became Westernized. But that is one more story for one more day.

* Tim Oslovich from The Deeper Christian Life Network assisted me in crafting this letter. I initial study it at the 2017 DCL conference and its component of the Everlasting Domain Master Class, which is readily available on the Network.



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