God Has Blessed Us With His Salvation.


Psalm 81:1-16
calls us to worship Him with joy – ‘Sing aloud to God our strength
shout for joy to the God of Jacob!’(1). He has blessed us with His
salvation – ‘I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of
Egypt’. He will continue to bless us, as we hold on searching to Him for
blessing – ‘Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it’(10). God desires to
bless us. He desires us to seek His blessing – ‘O that my people today would
listen to me, that Israel would stroll in My techniques!… I would feed you
with the finest of wheat, and with honey from the rock I would satisfy
you’(13,16). Far also normally, we can not be bothered with God and are not
definitely interested in looking for His blessing – ‘My people today did not listen to
My voice Israel would have none of me’(11). ‘You will seek Me and discover
Me when you seek Me with all your heart’(Jeremiah 29:13).

Psalms 82:1-83:18
Lord’ s ‘the Most High’(18). By means of faith in Jesus Christ, we turn out to be
‘sons of the Most High’: ‘You are all sons of God by means of faith in
Christ Jesus’(82:six Galatians three:26). By means of the excellent really like of God, we
have received the excellent privilege of becoming ‘sons of the Most High’.
With this excellent privilege comes the excellent duty of sharing His
really like with other folks: ‘Give justice to the weak and the fatherless retain
the appropriate of the afflicted and the desolate. Rescue the weak and the
needy provide them from the hand of the wicked’(82:three-four). Let us rejoice
in our excellent privilege. Let us be faithful to our excellent duty.
This is the way of enjoying God’s excellent blessing: ‘Blessed are the
peacemakers, for they will be known as sons of God’. This is the way of
‘giving glory to our Father in heaven’(Matthew five:9,16).


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