Glad to be Deaf, Dumb, and Blind


“I found I generally have selections
and occasionally it is only a option of attitude.”
— Judith M. Knowlton

I was not too long ago speaking to a amazing lady who is in the hospital and may well not reside. In the midst of her discomfort, the one particular issue she was content for was that her future was unknown. How is it she can be content not to know if she will reside or die? Possibly getting so close to death she understands superior than the rest of us that we are not in manage of our personal destiny.

Yes, I believe ignorance is bliss, but only when you enjoy a God in whom you can have total trust to enjoy you back. There is a lot of uncertainty in my personal life correct now, and to be sincere I am glad that God is maintaining me deaf, dumb and blind to my future.

Will Mt. Rainier blow up and kill us? Will the funding for our church plant come in so we can spend our bills? How will I be capable to balance, function, college, loved ones, and ministry and nonetheless retain my sanity?

If it was not for the truth that I can appreciate my ignorance, I believe I would go crazy with all these inquiries. In truth, it is my ignorance of the future that enables me to reside for Him in the now.

Truthfully, I believe it is possibly a curse, not a blessing, to know as well considerably about my future. Appear at the Apostle Paul. When he was blinded on the road to Damascus, he went on to wait for God’s messenger and in that time he was offered a vision of anything he would have to endure in the years that lay ahead. No wonder he described himself as generally obtaining a “thorn in the flesh”! I believe that vision of his future was possibly God’s punishment for him killing Christians. Can you consider recognizing that you would be beaten, tortured, shipwrecked, and imprisoned prior to you mentioned “yes” to following God? Would any of us say “yes” to God if we knew how considerably we may possibly have to endure for His sake?

Right now, I am glad to know nothing at all about my future except that my Father will be there when I arrive.


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