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All of us really like hearing stories of miraculous healings. Our hearts are stirred when we hear about not possible circumstances becoming beautifully restored. We get inspired by individuals exhibiting supernatural strength and endurance when pushed to their absolute limits.
Truthfully, I’m a junkie for these sorts of issues. Becoming a writer, I’m generally on the lookout for effective, moving stories for inspiration and concepts.
When we study about the miracles Jesus performed when He walked amongst us, they fuel our faith and give us hope when issues look hopeless. 
But we have to try to remember that not each and every miracle was accepted or celebrated. Recall when Jesus healed on the sabbath and got the religious leaders all riled up. And when the disciples carried on His healing ministry, at times these miracles got them into difficulty as effectively. 
These days I study the story in Acts 14 exactly where Paul and Barnabas healed a man in Lystra who had been crippled considering the fact that birth. Paul saw in this man’s eyes that he was prepared for healing and merely told him to stand. The man right away stood up and began walking about like he had been walking his complete life.
The crowd went nuts! Can you envision! I imply witnessing that in actual life, seeing somebody healed on the spot, would genuinely be life-altering.
But when the crowd tries to turn Paul and Barnabas into gods since of this unbelievable miracle, Paul stops them in their tracks and says fundamentally, “Whoa, wait a minute! Yes, this is a miracle, but God performs miracles each and every single day in your life. He brings rain for crops and blessings each and every day. You just miss them in the ordinary routines of life.” (Study the story in Acts 14)
Paul’s words nonetheless ring true for us these days, God reveals himself by becoming extraordinary in the ordinary.
God breaks by way of our lives in the tiny, ordinary components of our days. He’s just as present in the routine as He is on the mountaintop. God does not wait to show up just for the significant stuff. He’s smack dab in the small issues as effectively. 
Honestly, I can get caught up in the dramatic. I want the significant, miraculous reminders that God is in manage, the “this cannot be explained any other way than God” sort of moments. I’ve had some of these in my life, and they’ve been genuinely life-altering. When I share them at events, years later I am nonetheless moved to tears as I assume about how deeply I was moved by the presence of God.
But, and this is a incredibly significant but for most of us, what about the presence of God in our each day routine? What about the repetitive components of our lives that look to have no eternal significance? What about the mundane?
The Very good News of the Gospel is that there is extraordinary in the ordinary waiting to be found by every of us.
As I appear out my window and see all the snow, alternatively of considering about how tired I am of winter and how annoyed I am by the cold, I comprehend there is a miracle waiting for me to behold. The snow is nourishing the ground and giving water for the grass and flowers that I so really like in the summertime. The snow is paving the way for the miracle of spring.

As I appear at my dogs sleeping at my feet, I am amazed at their extraordinary really like for me. They bring so considerably joy to the ordinary, mundane components of my life.
As I reflect on some significant dreams that my husband and I are anxiously awaiting some answers on proper at this incredibly minute, I comprehend that God will be there in the yes or the no. Nevertheless this situation turns out, whether or not in a miraculous yes or a disappointing no, God will not be absent. He is ever present, and He is there to be praised and obeyed.
Yes, let’s think in miracles! Yes, let’s continue to trust that God can and does heal in mighty approaches! Let’s totally continue to pray for not possible circumstances to be turned about! 
But let’s not neglect that miracles are present in the each day routine of our lives as effectively since God is with us, and that is a miracle in itself!
When we select to appear at life by way of that lens, it will allow us to discover the extraordinary in the ordinary!
Hugs and really like,

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A living “Energizer Bunny,” Jill has a zest for life that is contagious! With humor and honesty, she shares her individual struggles and how God showed up in the midst of them. By way of her songwriting, speaking and writing, she is merely a pal telling her story, hoping it will touch your heart, encourage you in your struggles and inspire you to retain reaching for your complete prospective. Her spiritual insights are relatable, insightful, and can be virtually applied to your life.
Jill is a Nashville recording artist and not too long ago released her 6th CD entitled “Twelve, the Freedom Soundtrack.” She has opened for the legendary Loretta Lynn and Brian Littrell (of the Backstreet Boys), performed a duet with NewSong, and sang the national anthem for President Bush and 11,000 individuals when he was in Sioux City. Jill has also performed at the legendary Bluebird Café in Nashville.
Jill realized a dream when she was named 1 of the new Voices of Ladies of Faith and will be serving the organization by major worship, speaking, and writing.
Jill is also a certified speaker, coach and teacher with the John Maxwell Group and has written the 1st ever theme song for the John Maxwell Group.
Jill also writes a weekly weblog and has written her 1st book, “Grace Finds Wings – A Journey in Song.” In her book, Jill shares the stories behind the songs on her CD, “Grace Finds Wings,” and finds approaches to touch your heart and assistance you learn grace in issues like infertility, adoption, divorce, monetary struggles, marital infidelity and loss.
Jill and her husband, John, have 4 grown sons and reside in the cornfields of Iowa with their two male rescue dogs. Jill is anxiously waiting for some daughters-in-law and grandbabies so she can get a small estrogen in her household!


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