Dad’s Cousin Broke Her Collar Bone


The curse of the Lord is on the property of the wicked, But He blesses the residence of the just. Certainly He scorns the scornful, But provides grace to the humble. Proverbs three:33-34

We went to go see Dad at the Veteran’s Residence and have lunch as we do each week. I knew that his cousin had fallen and had broken her collar bone. Just about every time I contact her, she asks how Dad is carrying out, so knew it would brighten her day to speak to Dad.

When I asked Dad about calling his cousin, he let me know he wasn’t seriously in the mood to speak on the telephone, which frequently is the case. My dad has by no means seriously liked speaking on the telephone substantially. I attempted to prayerfully assess what I must do.

Thankfully, God gave me the instinct to pursue it additional. I explained to Dad that she had lately broken her collar bone and that it would seriously imply a lot to her if she got to speak to him. My dad was gracious when I knew he did not want to speak on the telephone and let me know it was O.K. to contact her. I am so pretty glad we did it. It meant a lot to her and I feel it meant a lot to my dad, as effectively. 

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