Cultivating thankfulness in the midst of chronic discomfort. ~ Each day His Disciple


To the Mama who’s battling chronic discomfort, who longs for regular, the life that after was… who craves the power to get up and cook, clean, and care for the family members without having support, I really feel your discomfort.  I know the sting of envy at ladies who can carry a child on every single hip or have a tendency to their garden or energy stroll about the neighborhood. I’ve felt the insecurity that comes from comparing my physique now to what it was ahead of chronic discomfort stole my mobility, power, and potential to exercise.

The debilitating muscle spasms and stiffness, the humiliating brain fog and fatigue. Canceling fellowship possibilities, missing out on ministry obligations.  Wincing via church hugs from effectively-which means close friends.

I could go on and on with a list a mile lengthy of all that chronic discomfort has price me. But I’ve circled that mountain lengthy adequate.

The Lord is teaching me how to cultivate thankfulness instead of complaining about my chronic pain. He’s taking me from griping to grateful as I count my blessings instead of focusing on the burdens. Click To Tweet

~Psalm 116:17~ I will supply to thee the sacrifice of thanksgiving, and will get in touch with upon the name of the LORD.

Grateful Over Griping: Cultivating thankfulness in the midst of chronic pain.

I have a important thoughts and naturally see all the negatives. So as an alternative of complaining and wallowing in self-pity, I have to intentionally turn my thoughts to my Savior in the midst of my suffering. I have to have the appropriate point of view as I endure with chronic discomfort, and in just about every location of life.

  • Jesus. He gives my just about every have to have. His like, peace, strength and assistance are invaluable.
  • My patient and loving husband who requires such excellent care of me.  
  • My little ones have discovered to be accountable by undertaking the chores that I cannot any longer. They’re ready to be independent adults, and they’re practicing selfless ministry as they fill in the gap for me.
  • Prayer partners who are so faithful to pray for and minister to me.
  • A good group that I can delegate responsibilities to and do not have to shoulder all the burden of ministry.
  • The scriptures bring me comfort, courage, and modify my attitude.
  • The lessons the Lord has taught me via these infirmities, and the heart troubles that have been worked out simply because of them. 
  • Most days I have adequate power to study and create.
  • I can relate to and minister to other ladies with chronic illness.
  • I’m not in a wheelchair and can stroll without having help. Not quite far, but I can.


There are so several other items I am grateful for that I may well not have skilled had I not been afflicted with chronic discomfort.  I’m going to make a list and preserve it in my telephone so I can refer back to it on the flare-up days that are tougher than the rest.  If you endure from chronic discomfort that would be a fabulous exercising to cultivate thankfulness in your personal stroll with Christ.

There is ALWAYS something to thank God for. Click To Tweet

Grateful Over Griping: Cultivating thankfulness in the midst of chronic pain.

Like Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth says- “Something that tends to make me have to have God a lot more is a blessing.”  It may perhaps not feel like a blessing. But if your circumstance drives you closer to your Savior, draws out sinful behaviors or attitudes, and develops peace and patience inside you, it is a blessing!

So to the lady who’s battling deep sorrow or debilitating sickness, I hear you, I really feel your discomfort, and I’m praying for you.  Even higher comfort than obtaining an individual relate to your infirmities is an individual who can remedy them.  Only God can do that. He sees, he hears, he knows, and he’s listening. Cast all your cares upon Him and let Jesus carry you via.

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~Psalm 29:11~ The LORD will give strength unto his persons the LORD will bless his persons with peace.


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