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My very good buddy in Tulsa, Tom Mohn, says that betrayal is a single of these wonderful issues God makes use of to shape his life in us. I know it does not really feel like it. It extra most likely feels like the finish of the road when a person you enjoy, and who you believed loved you, decides his personal word is meaningless, and you are of significantly less worth to him than what he can acquire by lying to you or lying about you. Most generally it requires each.

I’ve gone via this with 3 distinctive individuals in my life and it is the absolute worst. The 1st time price me everything—my involvement with a congregation I’d helped to plant, my salary, my overall health insurance coverage, my reputation in a neighborhood, and numerous friendships I treasured—and this was all two weeks ahead of Christmas in 1994. I wasn’t provided a dime of severance spend, just an avalanche of lies about my household.

I want I’d recognized Tom back then and had noticed extra hope in what was going on, but these days have been the darkest Sara and I have every single skilled. We believed we have been following Jesus in it all, but we weren’t confident. Perhaps we have been as independent and rebellious as other individuals stated we have been. I keep in mind telling God if we have been, then shout it from the rooftops. Let absolutely everyone know like me, mainly because I only wanted to comply with him even if I was proved incorrect.

I know Jesus stated that such occasions are an wonderful blessing in our lives, but to get there you genuinely have to consider with a deeper mindset than your personal physical comfort.

You are blessed when your commitment to God provokes persecution. The persecution drives you even deeper into God’s kingdom. Not only that—count yourselves blessed every single time individuals place you down or throw you out or speak lies about you to discredit me. What it suggests is that the truth is also close for comfort and they are uncomfortable. You can be glad when that happens—give a cheer, even!—for although they do not like it, I do! And all heaven applauds. And know that you are in very good business. My prophets and witnesses have normally gotten into this sort of problems.  (Matthew five:10-12, The Message)

I know that sounds like crazy speak. It did when my dad study these words to me a couple of weeks into my betrayal. But, I started to let them sink into my heart and started to count myself blessed even when it didn’t really feel like it. I identified a way to rejoice in the truth that individuals had lied about me and thrown me out mainly because I was searching for to comply with him. And it became correct that going via that betrayal opened some extraordinary doors that Sara and I have treasured for the final quarter century. The betrayal of our close mates drove us deeper into God and our freedom from a human-centered view of ‘church’ permitted us to start to taste the Church that Jesus is developing in the planet.

So, now I do know that betrayal is not the finish of the road. It hurts, most definitely. And regrettably, it is a popular theme in human history and the biblical record. Abel knew it, so did Joseph, David, Jeremiah, Paul, and lots of other individuals like, of course, Jesus himself. No, that does not justify the acts of the betrayer, but I favor to leave them in Jesus’ hands, exactly where they are ideal served. I do not know what goes on inside a person that makes it possible for them to make these types of options, nor the consequences they endure for placing income, energy, fame, sex, or the illusion of security above enjoy and friendship. I do know how living a lie warps you from the inside in some horrible approaches and it tends to make my heart hurt for them.

A quantity of years ago I had a person else steal a important quantity of income from me by not honoring an agreement we had produced with each other. Even reminding him of our agreement only provoked his anger. In the aftermath of that encounter Jesus told me to let it go and he would make up what ever I had lost. Luckily, I did and he proved faithful in all he promised me, and extra.  I am so grateful I followed him rather than demanding what was rightfully mine.

So, if you have been betrayed by a person, invite Jesus into that discomfort. He understands. He’s been via all the things you are going via and significantly extra!  He is capable to perform beyond the failures of other individuals and to continue to let grace have its unfolding perform in our hearts. Betrayal may perhaps close some doors, but it also opens us to other possibilities we may have missed otherwise. Receiving via betrayal with Jesus also modifications one thing deep inside us so we are tuned extra compassionately to the desires of other individuals and the worth of getting a faithful buddy.

This all comes up mainly because I was interviewed a couple of weeks ago by Jon DeWall of Liminal Space. He does a podcast about life transition and wanted to hear my story of betrayal and how Sara and I managed to get via it alongside Jesus. It dropped final week and I wanted to let you know it was obtainable if you wanted to listen to it.  You can obtain it on their web site or these podcasts outlets:  iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn or Google Play.

Even if you do not listen, when you obtain your self getting betrayed by a person close to you, just keep in mind Jesus has a way to stroll you via the discomfort and into wider pastures than you ever believed attainable.


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