Announcing New Blackdragon Weblog and New Alpha Male two. Forums


A lot of new stuff for you guys currently!

As you can see, we’ve changed the appear and really feel of this weblog, as effectively as added a handful of new attributes. We also have not 1, but two new Alpha Male two. forums to replace the old Alpha two. Neighborhood.

Actually rapid prior to I get into all this at this weblog, there will be several tiny troubles and bugs more than the subsequent handful of days. Please be patient we will sort these out ASAP and be all performed in a handful of days.

New Blackdragon Weblog

New attributes of this weblog involve:

– Dark mode. Tons of you requested this now you have it in the menu above.

– Greater show on mobile devices. The weblog appears greater and reads greater on phones and tablets now.

– Less difficult navigation of older articles.

– Significantly less clutter on the major and sides of the screen, especially in the desktop version.

– A paid choice exactly where you can listen to audio versions of each write-up (which means all new ones as of this week), plus get extended audio content material that is not in the write-up, plus download PDF versions. These audios are all in my voice, like mini-podcasts. We’ve been undertaking this for a when more than at the CJ Weblog and the guys have actually liked it. It only expenses a pathetic $three a month for all this.

– Extra attributes coming when we get the bugs ironed out in this new version. I’ll speak about these later.

The New and Enhanced Alpha two. Neighborhood Forum

As most of you know, we have been utilizing the Ning platform for the Alpha Male two. forums. Per your lots of requests (and a poll I did more than there a handful of months back), I have chucked all that, and now we have a genuine Alpha Male two. forum. The new Alpha two. Neighborhood Forums are positioned right here, now open for the public:

We are utilizing Xenforo forum computer software, the most effective forum computer software there is, totally SSL secured. Head on more than there and set up your account so you can ask concerns and give tips to your Alpha two. brothers. I will be dropping in there from time to time, plus I will have forum-member-only podcasts there as effectively. It is open for everyone and fully no cost. It will be moderated and run by our quite personal Caveman Lenox, and we will recruit added mods if required as we develop.

I will leave the old forums up for a handful of weeks (they’re nevertheless at prior to taking these down. We have about 650 members more than there, and you guys are encouraged to set up a new account and avatar at the new You are also welcome to copy and paste posts from the old forum to the new 1 if you want.

Alpha Male two. Facebook Group

For these of you who favor a Facebook group rather than an actual forum (or in addition to 1!), we have set up a public Alpha Male two. Facebook Group you can use as a forum alternatively, or in addition to the Alpha two. Neighborhood Forum. Just log into Facebook and then go right here to join the group. I will be popping in there from time to time as effectively.

Note: This public Alpha Male two. Facebook group is not the exact same as the two private groups for the Alpha two. Company course or the Consultant Course. These are distinctive, private, restricted to participants in these courses only, and will stay so.

As an alternative, this group is a public group for Alpha two.0s and these guys who are operating on their enterprise and/or lady capabilities.

If you are asking yourself why I did each a forum and a Facebook group, that is due to the fact I wanted these guys concerned about privacy to be capable to have access to an on-line neighborhood, as effectively as guys who favor Facebook. A single of the most prevalent concerns I get is “Hey BD, exactly where can I come across other Alpha two.0s?” I want to make certain that guys of all preferences have access to other guys who have the exact same interests.

So choose 1 or each forums, sign up, and get pleasure from. They are for you.

New Blogging and Content material Schedule

Beginning subsequent Monday, April eightth, I will adopt a new weblog posting schedule across each of my blogs, which will appear like this:

Blackdragon Weblog articles will be posted each Monday at 5am PST, when per week.

Caleb Jones Weblog articles will be posted each Thursday at 5am PST, when per week.

“Announcement” weblog posts with regards to new goods, solutions, seminars, and so on can also be posted and will not count towards this when-per-week write-up schedule (nor will audio versions be performed for these certain posts). My two blogs will be the twin edges of the Alpha Male two.0’s sword. The new and enhanced Caleb Jones Weblog is about enterprise, finance / investments, and life-style, when the Blackdragon Weblog will continue to be about dating and relationships with girls.

Yes, that indicates I will be posting articles significantly less frequently than prior to, but prior to you freak out, try to remember that I’m supplying added audio content material for each and every write-up for just $three a month.

Also and a lot more importantly, there’s a lot a lot more no cost content material for you coming quite quickly. I can not give you particulars on this but, but I’ll summarize an overview for you.

We are about to enter phase 3 in my extended-term enterprise program for this Blackdragon enterprise.

Phase 1 was writing The Unchained Man and acquiring that info out to thousands of guys all more than the globe (achieved), as effectively as updating all of my Blackdragon books and content material (completed in late 2017).

Phase two was introducing my on-line courses and my Globe Tour (completed and ongoing).

Phase 3 is… effectively, I’ll just say this: by mid-June at the quite most up-to-date, my group (which is in the method of doubling in size) and I are going to unleash a enormous quantity of new, typical, no cost content material all more than the world-wide-web. I’m speaking about audio of me, video of me and other individuals (in several formats), social media content material on at least 5 platforms, and some a lot more stuff beyond that I can not speak about appropriate now.

I can not give a lot of specifics about this but, but you will see precisely what I’m speaking about shortly. These of you who maintain asking me for video or a lot more podcasts are going to get what you want in a quite major way. It is really sort of insane as opposed to something I’ve performed in my life. I’ve dropped virtually 30 pounds considering that December and reoriented specific elements of my life acquiring prepared for this.

But I digress. For now, get pleasure from the two new blogs, the Alpha two. Neighborhood forum, and the Alpha Male two. Facebook Group. Extra goodness to come quickly.


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