Additional than Writers: Touch


How normally do we create about touch? A gentle stroke, a slap, a hug, a crush? Generally.

But what is the science behind it? Why do we really feel the way we do?

In his book, ‘Touch – The science of the sense that tends to make us Human’, David Linden goes into fascinating detail about how we really feel, each physically and mentally.

I will not go into the fine detail (mainly mainly because I cannot don’t forget it, partly mainly because it is complicated), but there are various forms of cells, nerves and chemical substances that trigger our reactions.

Some ‘touch’ signals travel reasonably swiftly, other people far more gradually, which is why we really feel some points faster than other people. He offers a single instance of a reaction in a giant to hot water: If your head lay in New England and your Feet in South Africa, the sensation of your toes getting bitten by a fish on Monday, would attain your brain by Wednesday, and the brain’s signal of reaction would attain your toes by Saturday.

The bigger you are the longer it requires to really feel points.

He also writes about the science that shows our mental feelings and our sense of touch are intimately linked. It is why soldiers can run about even even though they are wounded, and why the worry of an injection heightens the discomfort. It is also why getting mentally abused ‘hurts’.

There are quite a few other facets covered, a fair bit in dense science, but I propose it if you want to seriously fully grasp the sense of touch.


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