A Residence of Prayer for All Men and women


Join us on Wednesday, April 10th at three:00 pm Eastern for a robust conversation about how to make the church a welcoming spot for people today of all ages, stages, and skills. From welcoming people today who are living with dementia to specific desires youngsters and their households, our presenters, Dorothy Linthicum and Roger Hutchison, will provide theological grounding and sensible tips for assisting our congregations far better reflect the fullness of the Kingdom of God.

Click right here to register on Zoom and be certain to verify back right here following the webinar for the recording, slides, and sources.

About the Presenters

Dorothy Linthicum is an adjunct instructor at Virginia Theological Seminary (VTS), who has studied and taught courses and workshops about older adult spirituality and ministry at the seminary, conferences, dioceses, and churches. Her study led her to create with co-author Janice Hicks Redeeming Dementia (Church Publishing, 2018), which appears at dementia via the lens of spirituality, theology, and science. She is also a catechist for the VTS Baptized for Life initiative in Arkansas exploring camp experiences for adults.

Author and Artist Roger Hutchison is the Director of Christian Formation and Parish Life at Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church in Houston, Texas, and the author of 4 books such as My Favourite Colour is Blue. From time to time. He had the privilege of painting with youngsters who had skilled the tragic shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut. This impacted him profoundly and convinced him of a vocation to use his writing and art to serve these who grieve. Roger at the moment serves on the Forma Board and is a member of the National Association of Grieving Kids.


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