9 Factors Christians Argue about that Will not Matter in Heaven


Even even though we know performs do not get us to heaven, we positive want other individuals to know about our excellent operate, do not we? We maintain that mental scorecard of how lots of instances we’ve served in the children’s ministry even though Sally did nothing at all. We contemplate how “the church couldn’t run without having us there.” We want other individuals to know how excellent we are, how substantially income we’ve donated, and how lots of hours we’ve served.

Let’s face it: we like to maintain score. I believe it is really essential to serve other individuals for lots of, lots of motives. Immediately after all, faith without having performs is dead (James two:14-26). But when we get to heaven, we will not be speaking about how lots of hours we spent volunteering in the homeless shelter. We will be basking in the glory of our God who achieved it all for us.

In heaven, the will need to be proper will no longer encapsulate our just about every believed. The will need to demand that the planet submit to our views on Christian behavior will no longer matter. We will be standing prior to the King or bowing in awe of His majesty. There will be excellent freedom in letting go of the will need to say, “I told you so.” The moment will be also massive, also essential.

For the record, I have an opinion about lots of of the subjects I just wrote about. However, in the grand scheme of issues, I recognize that substantially of it will not matter on the other side. My prayer is that you can come to that identical freedom. Reside a life complete of enjoy. Show the enjoy of Christ by way of your actions, not your words of debate.

Jennifer Maggio is an author of 4 books, mother of 3, and wife to Jeff. She is a national speaker and founder of the international nonprofit, The Life of a Single Mom Ministries. She is an abuse survivor who is passionate about females acquiring a life of full freedom in Christ. For much more information, visit www.jennifermaggio.com

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