What We Can Understand From The Wealthy Man and Lazarus


The wealthy man and Lazarus. However a different good story told by Jesus that packs a punch. If you haven’t study this story you need to, it is fascinating. Study it right here: (Luke 16:19-31)

Let’s appear at what’s going on in this story. 

This story is all about the contrast amongst the two characters in this story, the wealthy man and Lazarus.

Jesus does not even bother to give the wealthy man a name in his story. Rather he let him be a representative for all who reside life in such a manor as he did. He tends to make it clear that this man is living a lavish life style, at the extent of other individuals. This man lived his life adorned in the finest garments, which includes purple, which only the wealthiest could afford, and feasting each day. This guy had it produced.

In starch contrast there’s Lazarus. The only point that adorned him was sores, and all he had to consume had been scraps that fell from the wealthy man’s table. Jesus even adds a detail that showed just how low this guy was, that dogs licked or snipped at his wounds. This detail is substantial as it would have produced him unclean, unable to worship appropriately. This was the ultimate degradation. The only point that Lazarus had that the wealthy man didn’t was a name. Jesus personalizes his concern for the poor man with a name.

Jesus’ story begins with these two males whose lives couldn’t be extra various. Even in their death there is considerable contrast. The wealthy man is buried, undoubtedly anointed with oil, wrapped, and meticulously placed in a tomb. And Lazarus’ physique was tossed aside a fair assumption is that he was thrown into the city dump, Gehenna. Jesus delivers detail just after detail to show just how various these guys’ life, and death, genuinely was.

Now dead, we get a glimpse of their “life” on the other side.

This is exactly where Jesus’ story now gets intriguing. Lazarus is carried to Abraham’s side. And the wealthy man goes to Hades. Even in the just after life they nevertheless reside in contrast to every other. But now the roles have reversed. Lazarus is now living in luxury and the wealthy man is living in torment. Ironically he’s nevertheless referred to as the wealthy man, even though he now has absolutely nothing.

The wealthy man is now in torment, essential to note he is not becoming tortured as lots of image hell. Rather torment, and we will see that this is a self-inflicted torment not one particular brought on by an outdoors force.

Whilst in torment there appears to be a moment of regret, a time exactly where the wealthy man seeks forgiveness. Luke 16:24 tells us that he calls out for mercy. And we could possibly really feel poor for him… But we just have to have to study to the finish of the verse to see he hasn’t changed a bit.

The wealthy man asks for mercy, but not mercy to be saved from his existing situations. Rather he asks for Lazarus to be sent to Hades so that he can dip the finish of his finger in water and cool his tongue. That could possibly appear like a rather strange request, but his intent is crystal clear. The wealthy man desires Lazarus to when once again be in a location of servitude of him. In other words he nevertheless thinks he’s extra essential and he desires to be the major dog. He hasn’t changed one particular bit.

Several men and women reading this story assume the image Jesus is painting is hell. And it incredibly effectively could possibly be. But we shouldn’t attempt to take from this story what Jesus didn’t intend. This is not a teaching on hell. Rather a teaching on the consequences of our actions towards other individuals.

For extra on what Jesus mentioned about hell verify out this report: What Jesus Stated About Hell (and what it indicates) 

In Jesus’ story the wealthy man wasn’t thrown into hell simply because he didn’t think. He located himself in a location of torment simply because of the way he treated other individuals, especially Lazarus.

God is not locking the wealthy man away. The wealthy man locked himself away he chose to go there. Even when there seemed to be an chance to repent and adjust his techniques he didn’t. Alternatively, he demand that Lazarus come and serve him once again.

Jesus ends his story with a rather sad statement, but one particular that will prove correct. Even if a person had been to raise from the dead they would not be convinced to adjust their techniques. In a quick time Jesus will do just that, but nevertheless that will not be adequate for some to adjust their techniques.

In this story Jesus tends to make clear that the man is locked up in his location of torment. But the lock is on the inside. The man refuses to come out. He would rather reign in torment than be a servant in God’s kingdom.

I’ve written extra on this subject right here: Rethinking The Classic Views of Hell

This parable is each a jab at the religious leaders and hope for these oppressed. Jesus provides a warning to these that are not paying any consideration to the desires of other individuals. That attitude has no location in God’s kingdom. Till they repent and adjust their techniques they reside in a location of self-torment. That is the way it has to be correct happiness is not located at the expense of other individuals. Jesus is warning his audience, the religious leaders, that their therapy of other individuals does not lead to exactly where they feel it does.

Whilst a jab for some, there is hope in this story for lots of as effectively. Several listening had been the oppressed, the poor, the sick, the taken benefit of. For them this story is one particular of hope. That one particular day their discomfort will finish and they will obtain the life they genuinely need with God.

This parable is made to force us, the readers, to reflect on how we treat Lazarus-like men and women. The wealthy man remains nameless so that we can location ourselves in his footwear.

Are we like him? He clearly knew Lazarus, he asked for him by name. He knew he was in have to have, but he refused to even give him the scraps from his table. Lazarus was forced to collect only what fell. The wealthy man saw the have to have and ignored it. He had no compassion. Even in death he nevertheless saw Lazarus as beneath him. This story asks the query, is that you? Do you treat men and women like that? Do you have the sources but refuse to give them? Is your heart hardened towards these in have to have?

This parable shows us that we get what we eventually want we get what our lives had been genuinely about. We can either reign in torment, be a god in our personal hell. Or we can be a servant of God and be in paradise with Him. It is up to us. The way we treat other individuals shows us which path we will take. But it is not as well late for us if we obtain ourselves on the incorrect side of the equation. As opposed to the wealthy man who refused to repent, we can and obtain the life that we had been meant to have.


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