What Transforms My Individual Time with God


I’m guessing you struggle to commit time with God and would like this to be far better. I say this simply because it is accurate for me and for numerous Christians I speak with. I say this simply because as I found six years ago:

two out of 10 Australian Christians are engaging with God on a day-to-day basis. This is not two out of 10 Australians. This is 20% of Australian Christians!”

If you want a far better devotional life I’ve been functioning on a new resource to assist us. My Time With God will share the stories of how Christians about the planet commit their time with God. My prayer is that this will be a sensible and inspiring resource to revive the devotional lives of Christians of all ages and life situations.

“When we relegate our intentionality with God to a minute fraction of our time, it is no wonder we really feel distant from him in the course of the instances we take place to be considering about him and lack energy in the course of all the other instances. What ever we concentrate most of our conscious time on will invariably dominate the way we consider and really feel.” – Jared Wilson

I asked my pal Glen Scrivener to share how he approaches his time with God. Glen is an evangelist and director of the ministry Speak Life. He creates evangelistic sources, composes songs, hosts a podcast and has made a quantity of fantastic videos like Life According to Jesus, If You Had Been Here and my favourite, He Came Down.

Glen’s reflections had been a wonderful encouragement to me, and I pray will be to you also.

The Fatherhood of God

When my prayers are dry, absolutely nothing brings refreshment faster than quoting Matthew 18:three to myself:

“Unless you modify and turn out to be like a tiny kid, you will never ever enter the kingdom of heaven.”

My default is to come as a battle-weary soldier to a Sergeant-Main. The reality is that I’m a kid — a tiny kid — coming to my Father. That adjustments all the things.

The Priesthood of Christ

Likely the central image I have in thoughts when I consider of prayer is Christ’s prayer life ahead of the Father (Luke 11:1). He is my Aaron, spreading incense in the Holy of holies and I am carried on his heart ahead of the LORD (Exodus 28-29 Heb 7:25). I do not have to yell up to heaven, I’m at his correct hand, whispering in his ear. It is not my prayers that require to ascend to heaven (which is great simply because my prayers are rubbish). Christ has ascended and I am in him (Col three:1-four).

The Spirit’s Intercession

I’m usually late to prayers. That is simply because there’s been a prayer meeting going on for a incredibly lengthy time. And the Spirit sweeps me up into it — I now participate in the Son’s communion with the Father. So now the Spirit cries in my heart, Abba, Father. This is my new spiritual heartbeat. As soon as once again, this is not a communion with God that I have to establish. It is offered to me. The Spirit is praying, now I get to join in.

The World’s Correct Nature

I’m frequently tempted to really feel that the planet is a factory floor and I require to pull the correct levers to get stuff performed. Even with ministry I can really feel like I need to ‘build the kingdom’, brick upon brick. But I’m not meant to pull levers or lay bricks, I’m meant to abide in a Vine that is, by nature, complete of life and fruitfulness. As I pray I’m telling myself (and living out the truth) that “Without [Christ] I can do absolutely nothing.” (John 15:five)

Pray Bodily

When Hannah did not pray out loud she seemed like a crazy drunk to the higher priest (1 Sam. 1:12-14). Who even does that? Who prays silently? Apparently no-a single in Israel ever did that. But these days in the west, we default to this madness. We even get in touch with our instances with God “quiet times”? Are we insane? Do we want to assure that our thoughts will surely drift in a thousand distractions? Do we want to turn our time with God into introspection — a descent into the self? No? Then pray out loud. And although you are at it, study out loud also (Revelation 1:three). Seriously, do not have quiet instances. Speak to God.

Pray the Psalms

There are 150 prayers in the middle of your Bible. Pray them. They’ve been offered to us for precisely this purpose. They involve the interplay of the LORD, his King/Christ, the righteous and the wicked. Figure out what interplay is going on in the Psalm in front of you and join in, playing the acceptable aspect. If you want genuine assist, verify out the Day-to-day Prayer app from the Church of England which will assist you pray by way of the Psalms each month and they give fantastic model response prayers at the finish of every single a single.

Don’t forget The Point

Prayer is not the point. God is. Prayer is not a factor that you do, a job you tick off, a rung on your ladder of spiritual self-righteousness. There’s the old line, attributed to a quantity of diverse saints, that ‘I do not pray for longer than 20 minutes, but I do not go longer than 20 minutes without having praying.’ There’s a thing to that. I utilised to psyche myself up to hours lengthy prayer marathons and then condemn myself when I failed at it. Why? What was my objective in attempting this? Seeking back I consider it was mostly spiritual pride and a sense that I wanted to pray my way up to God. Our Father does not want any individual to pray their way up to him. We are not meant to be robust pray-ers but weak pray-ers, feeling our littleness and but recognizing our welcome nonetheless. Aiming for prayer marathons when you are not even praying for five minutes is nearly definitely a sign that you are missing the point. The point is to speak to your Father. So if you are not performing that. Attempt five minutes. And if you are praying for five minutes, how about eight? (Here’s a wonderful app that aids you recall issues to pray for). Issues will develop but not simply because you are attempting to flex some sort of prayer muscle. The point is not to be a great pray-er, the point is just that prayer is great. Simply because God is great. He’s the point.

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