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Rather surprising: K-Like initially wouldn’t market the pro-life film Unplanned on its 440 radio stations. Click image for story.

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I publish this list each Wednesday. If you do not study it, how will you know all the factors? Let your pals know this exists. No books to sell. No newsletter to subscribe to. No pop-ups. Blogging the way God intended it to be.

■ Just probably, as an alternative of hearing regularly about how “we’ve defeated ISIS,” it would be fair to show that the battle is not more than, i.e. “Christians in Nigeria witnessed yet another round of bloody attacks final week as Boko Haram terrorists captured the town of Michika in Nigeria’s far eastern state of Adamawa, burning buildings and exchanging fire with government troops.” Comparable attacks are also taking location in the Congo.

■ The dilemma which appears to haunt religious organizations is revealed in however yet another faith tribe: ” Jehovah’s Witnesses develop what could possibly be the world’s biggest database of undocumented youngster molesters: at least two decades’ worth of names and addresses—likely numbering in the tens of thousands—and detailed acts of alleged abuse, most of which have never ever been shared with law enforcement, all scanned and searchable in a Microsoft SharePoint file.” Douglas Quenqua’s groundbreaking report in The Atlantic.

■ With the continuing expansion of the clergy abuse investigations, 37% of Roman Catholics are reconsidering their church membership.

■ Spiritual formation in the household: “Christians are far additional most likely to say their mothers had a larger influence on their faith than did their fathers, according to a new Barna study that examines the roles that moms and dads play in the improvement of young children.”

Essay of the Week: “Is God the Background for Your Selfie?” An exceptional teaching write-up with a sensible illustration namely that such as oneself front-and-center in a image of anything else signifies turning your back on the object in query.

■ Coming quickly to an arena close to you: The Benny Hinn/Francis Chan tour! Okay, perhaps not fairly so actually, but it come about at a 60,000-attended occasion in Orlando. It is just not Chan’s usual audience

■ …but it is quick to see how Chan’s involvement can be construed as endorsement. (Short article sample: “Who amongst us hasn’t performed anything we realized in hindsight was silly?”)

■ Post-Willow Creek: Seeking at the non-denominational megachurch via the lens of what occurred to the church which began it all. Possibly denominations are not such a negative thought immediately after all.

■ Apples and oranges: Okay we missed this 1 back in February, but somebody pointed us to it yesterday and it is worth thinking about. When you evaluate sexual abuse inside the Roman Catholic church to sexual abuse inside the Southern Baptist Convention even though the actions may possibly be related, the ecclesiastic structure in common and church governance in distinct dictates that the forms of responses out there will differ significantly.

■ Whilst some U.S. states have moved toward radically liberal policies on abortions, some in other states would like to move their constituency in the opposite path, such as this proposal banning abortions in the case of Down Syndrome.

■ A week immediately after the massacre at the mosque in New Zealand, the Prime Minister of neighboring Australia admitted that in his nation Islam is not properly-understood. In an opinion piece, 1 writer laments the normalization or “ordinariness” of Islamaphobia.

■ Fairview Baptist Church in Edmond, Oklahoma was kicked out of Vimeo’s LiveStream system immediately after they streamed a conference which the server located promoted “sexual orientation adjust efforts.” (There’s even an acronym for that, “SOCE.”) ALL their backlist of sermon content material was also removed. Study the terse note they received from Vimeo’s “Trust and Safety” department.

&#x1f3ac 1st, immediately after 20 years of option Christian music, K-Like changed the format of its sister station Air1 to a worship format. Then it intially refused to market the pro-life film Unplanned simply because of its R-rating. But the story has an update, be positive to study all.

■  Cambridge University has rescinded an supply of a two month investigation fellowship to Canadian Professor and author Jordan Peterson following complaints from students. Peterson is recognized for refusing to adhere to political correctness

■ Behind the scenes at LifeWay: Some of their most significant sellers weren’t lucrative. Some of their pension obligations are unfunded. They are the most complex business enterprise entity in the SBC household.

&#x1f3b9 Planetboom is a subsequent generation edition of Planetshakers. Their initially album is titled Jesus More than Every thing. This featured song is Every thing X Every thing. (Not advisable for persons more than a particular age.)

&#x1f3b9 An homage to the poem Footprints in the Sand.
“Like that poem that I utilized to hear
Hanging ‘round everywhere
I utilized to create if off
Just a image on a wall…”
…a new song, Footprints by Matt Hammitt. (Not advisable for persons below a particular age.)

■ C. S. Lewis believed in Purgatory. And immediately after-death conversion. (So why does the Reformed crowd adore him so substantially.) Equally shocking have been beliefs by Luther, Calvin, Moody, Spurgeon, Wesley, Graham, and Augustine. Frank Viola teases us with Lewis, you have to purchase his book to study about the rest.

■ James MacDonald took no book royalties from his Stroll In The Word sales? Not according to 1 former employee. (Be positive to click the red section labelled ‘statement’ to open the two-pg .pdf.)

■ New Word of the Week: Clergypreneur. “Basically, I am like an Uber driver for your spiritual experience…I am not in charge of the congregation, I do not attend their leadership meetings, and I do not represent them. The congregation runs the church, and their ministry keeps it going. They contract with me for my personal ministry, exactly where and when it functions greatest for them, and for me.”

■ The governmental physique which regulates tv in the United States continues to get complaints from men and women and parent groups regarding its Television ratings technique. (We looked at a variant of this dilemma a couple of months ago in this write-up.)

■ Update: Did John MacArthur actually have that connection to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.? The story has some (sort of) detractors.

&#x1f1e8&#x1f1e6 This story is only out there to Canadian readers, and even they are not permitted to see it.*

■ Game of Chicken? Liberals will go to any length to castigate the Chick-Fil-A rapid meals franchise, but in banning them from essential places, municipal legislators may possibly be violating the 1st Amendment.

This news story is not out there in your location.*

■ As of yesterday, American Jesus Madness was down to a final 4. Which is a very good lead in to our subsequent item!

■ Lastly, it was just a common weekend of worship at Ed Young’s church:




*okay I ran out of time final evening


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