Two Verses Held Me Via Suffering


She place her planet on hold for my sake.

4 years ago, when I all of a sudden discovered myself in the hospital for ten scary and torturous days, my wife Luella under no circumstances left my side. It wasn’t just that she was there throughout standard going to hours to speak with medical doctors and to greet the guests whom I was unable to greet. She slept subsequent to me in an uncomfortable recliner each and every evening.

“Our hope is not discovered in understanding why God brings hardship into our lives.”

When the spasms returned, the discomfort intensified, or the nurse awakened me for medication, Luella was with me. In the morning when I awoke to face a day I actually didn’t want to face, Luella was appropriate there with me. When tears came, she was there to comfort. When I got discouraged, she was speedy to encourage.

She stated lots of encouraging points to me in that hospital area in my moments of physical and spiritual suffering, but there have been 5 words she repeated to me more than and more than once more that I required to hear most: “Paul, your Lord is close to.”

Far more Than Words

I have believed lots of occasions due to the fact then that Luella’s faithful, attentive presence in the darkest of days and the weakest of moments is a lovely image of the faithful presence of one more. God is the ultimate present one particular. He has invaded our life by his grace. He is with us, for us, and in us.

The hope we have is a lot more than a theological method or some wisdom principles for every day life. Our hope rests on the prepared, faithful, effective, and loving presence of God with us. It is the ultimate present of gifts to every person who walks the harsh and bumpy road among birth and eternity. God has offered us no sweeter, a lot more lovely present than the present of himself. He is the present that adjustments all the things.

Our hope is not discovered in understanding why God brings hardship into our lives. Our hope is not discovered in the belief that somehow we will challenging our way by means of. Our hope is not discovered in medical doctors, lawyers, pastors, household, or pals. Our hope is not discovered in our resilience or ingenuity. Our hope is not discovered in concepts or points. Even though we may perhaps appear to all these for short-term aid, in the end our hope rests in the faithful and gracious presence of the Lord with us.

Two Verses to Memorize Once again

I’m particular that you have memorized these two verses numerous occasions, but I want to direct your interest to them once more. These two remarkable promises about God’s presence offer correct, lasting, and sturdy hope when points you have hoped in lie beaten, battered, and broken into pieces.

“Behold, I am with you always” (Matthew 28:20).

It is critical to note that Jesus spoke these words to his disciples when they have been becoming commissioned to give their lives as agents of his excellent redemptive mission. Jesus ended his commission with these words for the reason that he knew the planet he was sending his disciples into, and he knew what they would face.

He knew that their way would be hard and their job uncomfortable. He knew that they would face continuous opposition, misunderstanding, accusation, and rejection. He knew that they would be chased and imprisoned, persecuted, and beaten, and that lots of of them would give their lives for his lead to.

“God has offered us no sweeter, a lot more lovely present than the present of himself. He is the present that adjustments all the things.”

But he would not let them endure alone. He would not let them endure in their personal strength. He would not leave them to their personal political standing. He would not let them rely on their personal wisdom. He would give these loyal suffering ones the very best assurance ever — that he would usually be with them. He would not assume of sending them into the cruelty of this fallen planet devoid of going with them. He knew what they have been facing, and he would give them what they required — and, a lot more than something else, what they required was him.

“I will not leave you or forsake you” (Joshua 1:five).

This guarantee is offered a lot of occasions in Scripture. Every single time one particular of God’s young children or the complete neighborhood of God’s young children faced some thing difficult, new, hard, or overwhelming, God greeted them with this guarantee. He under no circumstances known as them to a job, sent them to a location, or led them into difficulty, and then abandoned them. No matter how difficult the scenario or inadequate their response, God was with them and for them. The declaration that he would under no circumstances leave them is a considerable reminder and protection for every person who suffers.

Not a Distant Lord

In an indescribable act of unmerited grace, God has produced you the spot exactly where he lives, and in the faithfulness of that grace he will under no circumstances stroll away from you.

In all the emotional and spiritual ups and downs, on the great days and the undesirable days, when you fight or succumb, one particular issue is for certain: Your Lord is with you, and there is no struggle devoid of or war inside that will ever drive him away from his young children. And his presence guarantees that in your suffering you will have all the things you need to have.

Beneath is a meditation in the kind of verse that I wrote to encourage my soul when my Lord led me into unexpected and difficult areas. I pray that the truths of the gospel will stimulate a worship, rest, and celebration in you that the issues of life, this side of eternity, will not have the energy to finish.

You are not a distant Lord,
a detached Master
moving the pawns
on the board
in an impersonal act
of winning.
Your lordship
does not separate
me from you
as a serf
would be separated
from a king.
No, you achieved
your sovereign strategy
by invading my
dark and messy planet
in the individual
of your Son,
providing oneself
in radical grace
to men and women
who saw no worth
in your nearness.
You are Master,
but you are
You are Lord,
but you are
You are King,
but you are
You are Sovereign,
but you are
Your rule is not from
No, your rule brings you
close to.
I have hope now
for the reason that you are not
And I celebrate
the remarkable
rest and strength
to be discovered in the reality that
your sovereignty
has brought you
close to.


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