The Conference Portfolio, Element two


By Lynne Pleau

In yesterday’s post, I discussed the advantages of carrying an old-college, hardbound portfolio to conferences. In this post, I’ll speak about what that portfolio need to appear like and what it need to include.

The job of a writing portfolio is to present your operate in its very best light. That signifies it need to be uncomplicated. Let’s start out with the portfolio itself. Get the very best you can afford. Itoya has a good item for about thirty-5 dollars. (But a thin, 3-hole-punch binder will operate.) You want it to be sturdy and black, with nothing at all on the front or back. Why black? It is simpler on the eye, does not detract from your operate, and contrasts nicely with white pages. Primarily, it appears specialist with out drawing focus to itself. It is tends to make your writing pop.

The binder need to have removable poly-glass web page protectors. Becoming in a position to move pages about tends to make it simpler to shift the order of your operate. Poly-glass pages give your operate that polished appear, when defending your pieces and producing pages simpler to turn. The inserts inside the poly-glass protectors need to also be black. An eight-and-a-half-by-eleven-inch portfolio really measures ten-and-a-half-by-twelve-inches on the outdoors, and the insert pages are one particular-quarter inch taller and wider than a common piece of paper. That gives a thin space of black about the white web page, which provides a good frame to your operate.

The subsequent point to believe about is how you present your operate. Clean and constant is what you want—nothing that detracts from the writing. So tear sheets are not a very good notion, neither are fancy graphics. Print your operate on very good good quality white paper, utilizing one particular-inch margins and a common black, twelve-point variety (like Occasions New Roman). Incorporate a common heading all through so web page turns are consistent—whether the web page is a writing sample or your resume. For writing samples, think about a footer with your name, the title, and the web page quantity of the piece. Footers can be grayed down, so they do not detract from the rest of the web page. Also, believe about listing word count in the footer, which can be useful when speaking about your operate with an editor.

Now, let’s appear at what goes inside your portfolio. A common portfolio is created to manage about twelve two-sided poly-glass pages, or twenty-4 pages of writing. Something additional would be overwhelming. Following is a list of things you may well want to include things like.

  1. Table of Contents. Take into account beginning with a web page that lists your name and possibly the contents, in order (categories only). For instance: Flash Fiction, Novel Samples, Resume . . .
  2. This is a brief, third individual factual blurb about you and your writing. It acts as an introduction to who you are and what experiences you have had. Google “How to create an author bio” for very good examples.
  3. Writing Samples. In this section, include things like one particular to 3 brief samples of the distinctive kinds of writing you do, two to 3 pages every single. The object is to make every single sample brief adequate for an editor to be in a position to study in just a couple of minutes. Preserve in thoughts it is a Select only your very best, edited operate.
  4. Your resume can include things like your education, writing practical experience, awards, conferences attended, organizational memberships, social media numbers, individual blurb, and interests. A single point you need to not include things like is your address or telephone quantity. An e-mail address in the footer is fine.
  5. List of Published Writing. This is a list of every little thing you have published in current years. It is appears additional specialist if every single published piece is numbered and kept to a single line.
  6. References can be brief paragraphs from business experts who have recognized you in distinctive capacities so they represent a variety of your strengths.

Your aim when generating a portfolio is to attract prospective editors. If you hold your portfolio clean, sleek, and effectively-organized, your writing will sell itself.

Lynne Pleau has published articles, critiques, poetry, and flash fiction in publications like Marriage Partnership Magazine, War Cry, Christian Communicator, and in Havok, Splickety, and Spark Magazines. She has won various awards for her flash fiction.




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