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​The abortion problem may well be the single most effective strawman Satan ever concocted.

These brainwashed by the fabricated nonsense are actually below some sort of bizarre spell. They come right here like an army of drones and harass us all day, each and every day about it.

They repeat the exact same mantras like Trump does with the Mueller investigation in his Tweets.

We just ban them and delete their comments. They can not be reasoned with on any level. It is 100% pointless to try to purpose with them.

Satan has managed to get them onboard with an evil ideology (contemporary suitable-wing ideology) that is the comprehensive opposite of all the things Jesus ever taught. They just throw out the concocted slur, “I am pro-life,” and they believe they are superior with God!

Clever scam. These persons are going to have a major surprise coming in the finish. If practically nothing else they will understand they have been all incorrect when Jesus recites Matthew 25: 31-46 to the nations.

We pray that God has mercy on them. They’ve been psychologically kidnapped by a cult whose ideology is the Law of the Jungle. It is “The strongest shall survive and the weak deserve practically nothing” garbage.

Please never give us any crap about fetuses becoming weak. Fetuses are not persons till they take their initial breath outdoors their mother’s physique. Till that point the mother is the vulnerable entity who deserves the protection of society, not the other way about.

The most significant protection we can give ladies is the suitable to make their personal choices about their personal bodies and their personal private and individual convictions.

Abortion fanatics appreciate to babble about “Religious Freedom” till your freedom to make moral alternatives is not in agreement with theirs. Then they want to manage you and force their religious guidelines on you.

That is actually demented. Perhaps that is why they are referred to as Dominionists. Mike Pence is 1 of them and they make us sick to our stomachs. That fake pious tone of voice he utilizes tends to make our skin crawl each and every time.

Click right here to read the comprehensive story of how this scam was pulled off:  “The True Origins of the Religious Proper.”  Absolutely everyone should really educate themselves about this history.  It wasn’t usually the way it is now.

Let’s appear at a further story about the “pro-life” crowd and how their ideology manifests in the genuine planet:

“Writer Shannon Dingle is the mother of six little ones, various of whom are adopted. Some of them have disabilities whilst other people have unique requirements. Her Republican church mates applauded her for her ‘pro-life’ choices — at least till she asked them to help policies that would make her kids’ lives a bit less complicated. Then they balked …”

Study the complete write-up right here. Former Republican: My “Pro-Life” Close friends Oppose Policies That Assistance My Little ones Reside


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