So, I Married a Pastor’s Kid


Several Faith Currently readers attend a church, know a pastor, are a pastor or come from a family members that contains a clergy particular person. When this weblog was submitted to us by a reader, we believed it may be exciting to see if it resonates with you or your experience…

by Michael Fleming

“What are the positive aspects of getting a pastor’s kid ?” I ask. “There are none,” he says. That is the response when I ask my buddy, pastor of my faith neighborhood, and father of two grown young children.

I determine to ask one more pastor, a retired Pentecostal minister with 4 adult young children. I am especially curious about his thoughts for a incredibly individual purpose: I am married to his youngest daughter. My father-in-law avoids the query. He directs the query to his wife. Probably the query tends to make him uncomfortable. Probably he, like my buddy, does not believe there are any upsides to getting a pastor’s kid (PK), but as opposed to my buddy, my father-in-law is afraid to admit it.

My wife Beth, in contrast, normally talks about the consequences of getting a PK. “Growing up as a PK, I felt that the desires of the church had been a priority more than the desires of our family members. There was also an intense stress to do the appropriate issue. As a PK, I felt like I couldn’t make any blunders mainly because it would be a poor reflection of my parents and the church.”

Research confirm my wife’s sentiments. Analysis by Barna Group finds that the quantity 1 purpose why pastors believe pastors’ young children struggle with the improvement of their personal faith is due to the unrealistic expectations other folks spot on them. The analysis also finds 42 % of pastors want they had spent extra time with their young children.

My mother-in-law admits that getting a PK is tricky, but she also sees how it can create faith and resilience. “Beth was superb as a PK. She may possibly have some scars, but she created us proud. We are so grateful that God has brought her by way of her life experiences with a self-confidence in Him that carries her by way of not only the great occasions, but the hard occasions.”

I met Beth years ago. She was a principled, generous, and compassionate lady. However there was one more intangible function about her that I could not describe at the time. It was this mysterious top quality that pulled me in. More than time, I came to uncover that it stemmed from her connection with God, a connection that I wanted to encounter myself. I embarked on a spiritual journey that continues to this day. At occasions, Beth guides me in the appropriate path. At other occasions, she challenges my rigid considering. At all occasions, she sees movement. She sees movement and development and adore in a path that views the planet and folks differently. Falling in adore with Beth helped me fall in adore with God. And for that, I am forever grateful.

These qualities had been nourished in Beth, not in spite of her upbringing, but mainly because of it.

Michael Fleming is an educator and writer in Peterborough, ON.
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