Service More than Activity at Safeway: A Challenge for the Church


“Never error motion for action.”

– Ernest Hemingway

I bear in mind clearly 1 Christmas Eve, several years ago, when our city was hit with a large snow storm. Road travel was hazardous, at least 100 persons had come to worship, but the Senior Pastor was expecting at least 500. We, the leadership, stood in the workplace waiting to see who would come and marveling at the falling snow. The Senior Pastor walked in, certainly disappointed at the low turnout, and mentioned, “Do you assume we need to cancel the service?” I could not think my ears, right here we had been with 100 adventurous persons prepared to celebrate the birth of our Savior, however for the reason that the numbers had been not higher sufficient, the Senior Pastor was prepared to cancel everything—as if carrying out a service for only 100 was not worthy of our time.

Quickly forward from that extended ago time to right now at my Safeway job—I was sitting in an employee meeting when our shop manager Dale emphasized once again the value of placing the buyer initially. The thought is that the operate we do in stocking the shelves or sweeping up the floors is not the most vital factor we do the most vital factor is serving the buyer. So when we are carrying out our each day jobs, we need to constantly bear in mind to place buyer service above any process.

I could not assistance but relate this perfect to my years of church ministry.

When did church turn out to be extra about the job?

When did acquiring the correct numbers turn out to be the measure of achievement more than the expanding of disciples?

I have to confess that as a church planter, I can not assistance but be a tiny hurt when persons fail to show up to a meeting. So am I not guilty of the identical factor that shocked me so several years ago on that snowy Christmas Eve? Why am I bothered by the persons who do not show up, when I need to be focused on serving the ones who do?

I assume the church can find out a lot from the Safeway perfect of Service More than Activity. 

But will we? 

Will I?


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