Save Some for Subsequent Year


IMG_20171220_124851.jpgI came more than to the convent this afternoon to tie up a couple of loose ends (like checking e-mail and brushing my teeth) prior to beginning my shift at the reception desk.  I would not be off once more till ten.

Although I was right here, I decided to appear for an item Sr. Elaine had provided to me, stating it was in her major drawer.  Happily, I discovered it with no also considerably work.  At this point, the believed crossed my thoughts of switching her drawers about as an April Fools trick.  Alternatively, I admonished myself to “save some for subsequent year.”

All through this day, I have been up to a bit of mischief, right here and there.  I suppose you may say I am acting additional like a youngster than a grown lady, but oh properly, April 1st comes but as soon as a year.

Obtaining performed my analysis for fresh (and harmless) April Fools tricks, I have been victimizing other individuals at St. Anne’s by:

  • Placing a piece of tape on the pc mouse sensor so it does not perform
  • Drawing (realistic-hunting) spiders down the toilet paper roll (utilizing a sharpie for the head and  fine felt [or regular] pen for the legs performs finest)
  • Distributing old copies (from many additional copies from months and years gone by) of our month-to-month newsletter to residents – alternatively of the existing problem (which will go out tomorrow)

I have a couple of other suggestions in thoughts for subsequent year!  I’d enjoy to share, but I do not dare – somebody may study this and recall it on April 1st of 2020.

In the meantime, I have to hope that no a single notices the specks of black marker on my hand, left behind from the toilet paper trick.  I want them to be shocked to see the spiders! &#x1f642

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