Receiving Girls Telephone Numbers by means of On-line Dating


There has normally been a massive quantity of confusion with regards to finding a woman’s telephone quantity through on line dating. I normally assumed that this confusion would at some point clear itself up, as guys discovered the distinction involving genuine-life game and on line dating.

Alas, I was incorrect. The confusion persists. In some strategies, it is in fact grow to be worse due to the improved quantity of procedures 1 can use to communicate. Now I’ll do my very best to clear all of this up.

The Classic Issue

The “classic” telephone quantity dilemma with on line dating was when guys would try to ask a girl for her telephone quantity through a conversation with her more than the dating web site or app. From time to time this functions, but additional typically than not it outcomes in a lady ghosting or throwing up a bunch of ASD shields.

In The Ultimate On-line Dating Manual I speak about precisely why this occurs. For different motives, some rational and some not, when you are a lady, providing out your telephone quantity to some random stranger on the net is in fact additional threatening and scary than in fact scheduling a date with the guy, flirting with a guy, or even performing a tiny dirty sex speak with a guy.

We could have a lengthy discussion about the reasoning behind this behavior, regardless of whether or not it tends to make any sense, and so on. But as normally, as an alternative of obtaining a lengthy, detailed, and in the end irrelevant psychological/philosophical nerd discussion about why girls do specific factors, I’d rather just acknowledge that girls behave in specific strategies in the genuine planet and go over what you will need to do when these factors take place so you can get from zero to sex as rapidly as feasible.

The motives so numerous guys ask for women’s telephone numbers on line commonly fall into two categories:

1. They’re inexperienced betas and do not know any other way of closing the deal.

two. They’re knowledgeable Alpha Males or even PUAs with a lot of daygame or evening game expertise who have been educated that finding the “number close” is of paramount value. Which it is when you are performing genuine-life cold method.

But as these incredibly guys like to typically scream about, on line dating is not genuine-life cold method. Some of the guidelines are distinct. Not all, but some.

One particular of these guidelines is that normally speaking (and of course there are normally exceptions to the rule, and these exceptions prove the rule), you will get superior statistical outcomes from on line dating if you in fact pitch and schedule the initial meet just before you exchange telephone numbers or other make contact with details.

I know that sounds counter-intuitive, specially if you are coming from the two-step daygame or evening game worlds, but try to remember we’re speaking about girls right here. If you want girls to make logical sense all the time then you are in for a incredibly rough life.

I have been on actually hundreds of initial dates by means of on line dating more than the final 12 years. (I in fact pulled up the spreadsheet tracking for that to get the raw information for this short article. God damn, I’ve been on a lot of initial dates!) The only time I got these dates by finding a woman’s telephone quantity initial and then figuring out the date is much less than three%. That implies the other 97% of these dates I got by at least agreeing to a initial date/meet to some degree and then finding the telephone quantity (or other implies of communication additional on this in a minute).

So that is lesson quantity 1. Quit asking for women’s telephone numbers on line till and unless you have gained at least some agreement from her that yes, she is certainly going to get in some sort of automobile and travel someplace to meet you in genuine life. Then you can exchange telephone numbers.

The very best way to do this is to supply your telephone quantity initial. I under no circumstances ask for a woman’s telephone quantity on line. Once more, also threatening. As an alternative, after I get some sort of agreement to the date pitch, I say one thing like this:

“Cool! You can text me if that is simpler. Or I can text you.”

Do I have occasions exactly where this does not operate and girls instantaneously vanish? Positive. It occurs all the time. But statistically, your outcomes will be orders of magnitude superior than just asking for a girl’s quantity with out any discussion of meeting up in genuine life.

Alternate Types Of Make contact with

The subsequent dilemma is that there are now a bazillion distinct strategies you can make contact with a lady. This was incredibly distinct than 10-12 years ago when it was basically a matter of telephone numbers and possibly some sort of IM application like Yahoo Messenger.

Now, girls communicate on apps like:

  • Snapchat
  • Whatsapp
  • Kik
  • Instagram
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Facetime
  • And so on

Some of you guys will need to fully grasp that telephone numbers are not needed any longer. Furthermore, numerous girls favor to communicate on these other apps as an alternative of regular texting to a telephone quantity. A couple of current examples:

1. Twice now I’ve had girls on Bumble instantaneously ghost me as quickly as I stated I didn’t have Facetime. (I use an Android telephone.)

two. A when back on a sugar daddy web site, I met up with and had sex with a considerably younger Variety two lady (a incredibly cute blonde my favourite sort) with out paying her something. She was interested in older guys and had lots of other older guys message her. But, I was the only guy she met up with. When I asked her why, her answer was telling. She stated, “None of these older guys have Snapchat. You had been the only 1 who did.”

Certainly, when I got an agreement that she was interested in meeting me, I provided her each my telephone quantity and my Snapchat ID. No other guy had ever accomplished that. She even laughed when she stated 1 guy told her she must “email him.”

three. I had a equivalent situation on a distinct dating web site/app (I do not try to remember which) when the girl, who had just moved right here from South America, stated she met up with me since I was the only American guy she had talked to (so far) who in fact made use of Whatsapp.

So, primarily based on all the above (and numerous other examples I could inform you from guys who e-mail me), you could and maybe must modify the statement I made use of above to one thing like this:

“Cool! You can text me if that is simpler. Or I can text you. I’m also on Snapchat if you favor that. My ID is xxxxxxx.”

Frequently, she’ll respond with, “My snap is xxxxx.” Boom, hit her up on Snapchat and you are off to the races.

Naturally, this implies you will need to be on these apps and somewhat familiar with them. Some of you older bastards in my age group have a dilemma with this. I preserve operating into guys more than age 35 who want to date younger girls but barely know what Snapchat is, considerably much less in fact have the app on their phones and know how to use the damn issue.

You must take into account Snapchat and Whatsapp as bare minimums, plus maybe two or 3 other folks that are common in your region. Get these apps, set up accounts, and discover how to use them, regardless of how dumb, immature, redundant, or frivolous you feel these apps are (which, to a terrific degree, they are). As normally, I do not care what you feel you will need to do what wants to be accomplished in order to be efficient. Or go household and jerk off to porn.

What about social media? What occurs if a lady tells you to add her on Facebook or Instagram? Ought to you do it?

In my expertise, this is the on line equivalent of a lady asking you to “come see her at operate!” for the initial date/meet since she’s a stripper. In other words, she’s interested in your interest rather than your cock.

I’m not saying there are not strategies to get laid employing social media. There absolutely are. (I speak about some of them in The Ultimate On-line Dating Manual, and maybe that would be a very good subject for a future short article right here. Instagram in specific, is becoming a gold mine for some guys.) I’m saying that if you try to make contact with close a lady on line and the only issue she throws at you is her Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter web page exactly where she can add you to the other four,000 drooling, hungry beta males who will under no circumstances have sex with her, you are superior off moving on to other girls.


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