Previously unknown human species identified in Asia raises inquiries about early hominin dispersals from Africa


Homo sapiens&nbspis the only living species of a diverse group known as hominins (members of the human household tree who are far more closely connected to every other than they are to chimpanzees and bonobos). Most extinct hominin species are not our direct ancestors, but rather are close relatives with evolutionary histories that took a slightly unique path from ours.&nbspWriting in&nbspNature, Détroit&nbspet al.1&nbspreport the outstanding discovery of one particular such human relative that will no doubt ignite a lot of scientific debate more than the coming weeks, months and years. This newly identified species was identified in the Philippines and named&nbspHomo luzonensis&nbspjust after Luzon, the island exactly where bones and teeth from folks of this species had been excavated from Callao Cave. Specimens of&nbspH. luzonensis&nbsphad been dated to minimum ages of 50,000 and 67,000 years old, which suggests that the species was alive at the exact same time as many other hominins belonging to the genus&nbspHomo, such as&nbspHomo sapiens, Neanderthals, Denisovans and&nbspHomo floresiensis.

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