Praise the Lord Jesus Christ: Salvation to the Uttermost


(Heb 7:25Wherefore he is in a position also to save them to the uttermost that come unto God by him, seeing he ever liveth to make intercession for them.

Frequently in our lives, immediately after we expertise the joy of salvation, we may well get complacent about the grace that the Lord presents us and think about that we have completed the race. This is so far from the truth! The race is ahead of us – this is why Paul says he is straining towards the mark of the higher calling in Phil three:13-14 and only in the epistle that he writes just prior to his death does he say that he has completed the race that was set ahead of him (two Tim four:7). Here’s an illustration for the stages of Salvation that Jesus presents us.

Stage 1 Stage two Stage three
Saved Getting Saved Shall be saved
Previous Present continuous Future
Justification Sanctification Glorification
Spirit renewed Thoughts getting renewed Physique shall be renewed
Unable to not sin
(ahead of the new birth)
In a position to not sin Unable to sin
Provided energy to be sons of God Getting led by the Spirit as mature sons Sons of God revealed in glory


Appear once more at the verse Heb 7:25 – He is in a position to save to the uttermost – these that come unto God by Him.

1) Jesus is in a position to save us to the uttermost – The capability of God is a excellent relief for us. When paul cries out the cry of despair (Rom 7:24-25) – Who shall provide me from the physique of this death ?!, he straight away is inspired by the Holy Spirit to thank God by means of Jesus Christ – for that is the important to victory! Jesus is in a position to save us! Jude 1:24says: Jesus is able to preserve you from falling and He shall present you blameless ahead of the presence of the glory of God with a lot joy! What a loving God ! His joy at presenting us on that day will be a lot higher than any joy we’ve noticed.

two) Jesus is in a position to save us to the uttermost – Beloved, the hope for us is that the Lord is in a position to save us to the uttermost. As I have heard some of the servants of God say – The Lord is in a position to save the “Guttermost” to the “Uttermost”. Even so dark and sinful and ugly your previous was, the Lord is in a position to bring to completion the salvation strategy for our lives and He is in a position to full the excellent function that He has begun in us. (Phil 1:six). In other words, he is in a position to transform the chiefest sinner ahead of the throne of heaven into a Glorified individual who shall reside and reign with the Lord Jesus forever enjoying the eternal rewards and a close fellowship with the Lord Himself – IF – he comes to God by means of Jesus! 1 Samuel two:eight – In the inspired words of a Godly mother – Hannah, “He raiseth up the poor out of the dust, [and] lifteth up the beggar from the dunghill, to set [them] amongst princes, and to make them inherit the throne of glory”

three) Those who come to God by means of Jesus – The fullness of salvation is out there only to the persons who come to God by means of Jesus Christ. Numerous persons attempt to come to God on the basis of their functions, some on the basis of false human doctrines and philosophies, some by means of other persons and so-referred to as ‘gods’ and so-referred to as ‘saints’. 1 Tim two:five reminds us that there is a single God and there is a single mediator amongst Man &amp God – Jesus Christ! In John 14:6 Jesus says: I AM the way the truth &amp the life – No man comes to the father but by Me. Which means, Jesus is the only way. He is the only truth and He is the only supply of Life. The function of intercession that Jesus does for us is the basis of our standing righteous ahead of God.

Why need to we seek yet another way to save our souls when the Lord says: He is all-enough to save us to the uttermost ?!


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