Praise And Supernatural Provide – Paul Enenche


Praise is a weapon, tool, and essential for supernatural provide. True worshippers and actual praisers of God in no way finish empty handed (Joel 1:12)


1. Praise fertilizes the earth for boost (Ps. 67:five-7)

Praise tends to make your seed in the earth to yield bumper harvest

When you give your supplying, you plant a seed, when you spend tithes you are opening the heavens for rain to fall, and when you give your praise, you are watering the seed.

two. Praise releases the Blessing of God on the praiser (Ps. 67:five-7)

Your praise triggers/activates and releases the Blessing of God upon your life (Prov. 10:22)

three. Praise brings path for supernatural supplies (two Kings three:15-17)

Praise will lead to God to show you exactly where to invest for final results.

Everywhere there is appreciation there is inspiration and exactly where there is depression there is depreciation.

four. Praise brings the unction for multiplication (John six:11-12 Jer. 30:19)

Praise connects the Anointing and the anointing brings multiplication.

Every little thing about a raiser multiplies and every thing about a murmurer depreciates.

five. Praise brings favour for additions (Acts two:47 Ps. 44:three Deut. 33:23)

Favour is the portion of the praiser

Praise brings favour and favour brings additions and possessions (Ps. 44:three Deut. 33:23)


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