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Olympos Games

“Love was as hardwired into the structure of the universe as gravity and matter.” (Dan Simmons)

Dan Simmons is an American science-fiction writer whose functions typically incorporate themes of history, fantasy, religion and horror. Simmons is primarily recognized for his novels such as the Hugo award winning ‘Hyperion’ (1989), ‘Ilium’ (2003), and its sequel ‘Olympos’ (2005).

In these distinct functions Simmons cleverly interweaves the storylines from a lot more classic writings such as Chaucer’s ‘The Canterbury Tales’ in ‘Hyperion, and Homer’s ‘The Iliad’ in ‘Ilium’ and ‘Olympos’. If you are not familiar with any of the functions of Dan Simmons then an in-depth introduction of  ‘Olympos’ is supplied beneath by www.thescifichristian.com.

An abiding query in ‘Olympos’ is ‘What does it imply to be human?’

This is a query older than Homer’s ‘The Iliad’. Inside Homer’s culture of Ancient Greece that query was not only explored intellectually through epic stories but physically by way of the Olympic games. Starting in Olympia 2700 years ago the original games honoured the Greek gods, they have been as considerably a religious and political statement, as properly as a sporting celebration of human prowess.

These days the Olympic games may possibly not honour the Greek gods but they can nonetheless be emotive when combined with political problems and as such may possibly confront us unexpectedly with the perennial query, ‘What does it imply to be human?’


We have a clear instance of this in in the present Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Ahead of the games started riots erupted in the streets of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo in protest of the wealth of sources invested in the Olympic games in contrast to the absolute poverty typified in the city’s favelas. Furthermore, the recurring scandal surrounding the drug testing of athletes prior to the games compounds the entire query of the goal of the games themselves. For critics it actually begs the query, ‘What on Earth are we undertaking?’ Or a lot more fundamentally ‘What does it imply to be human?’

To some degree ‘Olympos’ is a morality tale reflecting on the human want to be ‘god-like’. This is a typical thread inside the genre of science-fiction explored for instance in films ranging from ‘Metropolis’ (1927) to ‘Elysium’ (2013), the latter of which was performed actually in the contrasting places of Mexico City and Vancouver. All of these stories attempt to address in varying degrees some of the problems we now see played out in the stadiums and streets of Rio de Janeiro for the duration of the Olympic games.

Nonetheless, the opening ceremonies of the Olympics this year have been noted for displaying far a lot more of a social conscience. The darker elements of Brazil’s history, like slavery, have been acknowledged. Issues more than deforestation and environmental problems have been clearly displayed inside the performances. For the very first time this year there is even an Olympic group consisting completely of refugees. In that sense the games are not attempting to be a mere distracting spectacle to ‘appease the gods’ but a focusing point on what we need to be striving for as human beings.

In his letters in the New Testament Saint Paul also utilised the imagery of sporting games as a platform to ask the query what we need to be striving for, (eg: 1 Corinthians 9:24-27 &amp  2 Timothy 7:four-eight). Becoming a individual of faith demands commitment and perseverance just like that necessary of any athlete. We will falter unless we stay focused on what we are in search of to attain.

But what is the prize?


But once more the Olympic games have surfaced a lot of inquiries. For me they are typified in the statue of Christ standing more than the city of Rio de Janeiro watching our triumphs and tragedies unfold as considerably in the city streets as in the stadium. He stands in silence but his arms are outstretched.

I agree with Dan Simmons. I think that adore is hardwired into the structure of the universe as considerably as gravity and matter. A adore that lies at the heart of all the things and everybody and in the end comes from the heart of God. A adore that knows no bounds and that as soon as found we can not assistance but share in our actions and not just in words. Or as Saint Francis of Assisi is attributed to have stated, “Preach the gospel, and if essential, use words.”

What does it imply to be human?

Whether or not we select to discover this query by way of sport or science-fiction I think the answer remains timeless and the similar:

Go for gold in attaining that Really like.



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