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We not too long ago returned from a weeklong mission’s trip to Haiti. Through that time our group skilled so significantly and was capable to share it by means of weblog posts. Now that I am in the midst of reentry I wanted to revisit these weblog posts and approach some of the points God taught me throughout our time in Haiti. Really feel free of charge to join me as I continue this journey.


We all bleed red. 

The physician walked away from the helicopter, blood stained his shorts. 

This morning we split into two groups. The health-related folks set the backyard of the home as a clinic to see the personnel of Attain Worldwide and their households. Simply because of the national vacation, we stayed close to the guest home. Demonstrations took spot in Port-au-Prince producing driving tricky.

At the guest home, 44 folks had the chance to have their vitals checked and ailments treated. They are definitely a blessing to the ministry that occurs right here, and it was a privilege to care for them. 

As the health-related people did checkups, the non-health-related folks went to a nearby clinic, HHM, to do a couple of operate projects. There was a pile of gravel and sand to be moved and some trim to be painted.

The clinic was closed for the day simply because of the vacation, and there was a stillness in the air as we walked by means of the gate. Till we heard a lady who was in labor, suffering from preeclampsia and a bleeding disorder. Two heartbeats in her physique had currently dwindled down to 1.

We prayed. This circumstance was tricky, to say the least. 

With blood banks closed, roads blocked, her care became ever much more difficult. As the household waited outdoors and the faint cries of the mother could be heard by means of the open windows, we started operating and praying, praying and operating. 

Portion of our prayer was that she would not continue to dilate previous 2cm so she could provide her youngster in the hospital simply because of the unsafe circumstance she was in. But her physique was prepared and would not wait. As the helicopter landed, we heard her cries with each and every contraction. The child was born. The aunt who had been singing and praying raised her hands with relief as this hurdle was crossed.

There was a small white cardboard box—taken from the space by household members—a tiny physique inside.

Later we saw the mother transported to the helicopter—stable sufficient to be taken to the hospital to obtain additional care.

The physician walked away from the helicopter, blood stained his shorts. 


This was my most tricky day in Haiti. There was a moment when a fellow group member and I embraced, tears each operating down our cheeks. We had been each remembering our personal youngsters who never ever breathed a breath outdoors our wombs. Our personal losses developed a connection to each and every other and to a Haitian mother. 


At times it is tricky to see how we are comparable when the variations are so significantly much more visible. Some thing as basic as the colour of our skin or our mother tongue can make us really feel vastly various. Mannerisms, personalities, cultural norms and traditions, religions, levels of potential, socioeconomic status–you get the thought. Yes, there are a host of variations present in the human race. These variations can be motives to celebrate the creativity of humanity and of our Creator but, rather, they normally make barriers to seeing an individual else as our equal.


That second day in Haiti taught me one thing quite precious. None of us are exempt from experiencing discomfort. Loss is going to be component of everyone’s life at some point, as effectively as the sorrow that goes with it. If we are capable to empathize with yet another individual in their moments of sorrow it will cover a host of visible variations. And I think it will bring us that significantly closer to connecting to the heart of that individual. 


Of course, loss does not have to be the only way that we draw closer to these that appear so various than us. Just about every time we take a moment to connect with a individual by means of a shared knowledge we have the chance to let similarities speak louder than variations. Possibly if we produced an work to do this much more normally we would be significantly less most likely to see an individual as a foreigner and much more likely as a brother or sister. 




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