Lambda Legal Blasts Trump and the DOJ More than Plans to Undermine and Sabotage Affirmative Action Policies, Dismantling Civil Rights Progress and Targeting of People today of Colour


DOJ’s Plans to Continue Unraveling Civil Rights Progress Comes Just A Week Just after Trump Levies Series of Attacks on LGBT People today

Washington, DC – Currently, Lambda Legal CEO Rachel B. Tiven blasted the Trump administration and Lawyer Common Jeff Sessions more than new reports revealing plans to undermine and attack affirmative action policies. A report from The New York Occasions this week affirmed the work will dedicate sources from the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division toward investigating and suing universities more than affirmative action admissions policies deemed to discriminate against white applicants. The work continues adding to a laundry list of civil rights offenses by the Trump administration, the most current of which came final week when the administration levied a series of assaults on LGBT rights and policies.

“The DOJ’s continued war on civil rights has hit a new low these days, and only serves to reinforce that the administration is hell bent on producing an America that targets vulnerable communities, undermines critical civil rights protections, and in the end excludes millions of Americans from participating in public life,” mentioned Rachel B. Tiven, the CEO of Lambda Legal. “Instead of bolstering and strengthening education and chance, this administration has employed education as a car to advance discrimination – very first by targeting transgender students by means of the Dept. of Education, and now by targeting People today of Colour by means of the Dept. of Justice. Meanwhile, genuine issues – police brutality, government corruption, and increasing hate violence – are getting ignored, as the DOJ chases figments and myths.

“It’s repulsive and perverse that affirmative action has now located its primary adversary in the really arm of DOJ meant to advance progress on civil rights: the Civil Rights Division. We are appalled but not shocked by this continued assault on civil rights, and Jeff Sessions’ determination to sully the reputation of the Division of Justice.”

The DOJ’s plans have been very first revealed this week (by means of a document obtained by The New York Occasions), and comes just a single week just after the administration levied a series of attacks on the LGBT neighborhood: starting with President Trump’s tweet indicating intentions to ban transgender men and women from serving in the military (a move opposed to by a majority of Americans, leading military brass, and prominent Republican Members of Congress), and ending with the DOJ intervening in a private employment lawsuit, arguing that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 does not present workplace protections for LGBT men and women.

Lambda Legal has been a sturdy supporter and defender of affirmative action in college admissions. In 2012, Lambda joined with other civil rights groups to urge the Supreme Court to uphold the University of Texas at Austin’s use of race to advance diversity, joining in the filing of a buddy-of-the-court short as effectively as educating and producing visibility amongst its members on the value of affirmative action policies.

For extra facts on Lambda Legal, or to request an interview with Rachel B. Tiven, please speak to Tom Zigo at [email protected]

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