A satisfied church…one that does not make you really feel uncomfortable…one that will by no means offend you…one that will generally inform you how a lot they adore you and how a lot God loves you.

They adjust their church name for branding an image. They adjust their church culture for wooing the masses. They assemble cool young bands that play cool uplifting music and songs. They adapt their message for itching ears and unknowingly take away the energy of redemption.

This is the present trend of quite a few churches.

The satisfied church will entertain you. They say they exist to give people today hope. They have entertaining applications for all your youngsters. All their music and songs will make you really feel particular and soothe your guilt ridden feelings. And they’ll do what ever they can to maintain you coming back for extra.

This is the church who is playing in Delilah’s lap. If they keep there also extended their conscience will be seared and they will be prime targets for deception and destruction. They will not be in a position to shake themselves totally free mainly because they will not know that the anointing has departed from them.

“Then she lulled him to sleep on her knees, and known as for a man and had him shave off the seven locks of his head. Then she started to torment him, and his strength left him. And she stated, “The Philistines are upon you, Samson!” So he awoke from his sleep, and stated, “I will go out as ahead of, at other occasions, and shake myself totally free!” But he did not know that the Lord had departed from him” (Judges 16:19-20).

Samson played in Delilah’s lap till the secret of his energy was reduce off. Like so quite a few churches and leaders right now he didn’t comprehend he lost the anointing till it was also late. The secret of Samson’s energy was his extended hair. The secret of the church’s energy is the mighty Holy Spirit.

Delilah bewitched Samson. Common voices and well-liked ideas are bewitching today’s church. The globe has our focus.

“O foolish Galatians! Who has bewitched you that you must not obey the truth…Are you so foolish? Obtaining begun in the Spirit, are you now getting created excellent by the flesh?” (Gal. three:1, three)


A disturbing dream was offered to my wife. She was driving to a church service amidst terrific devastation. Roads had been broken. Vehicles blown up. Trees have been down. Destruction was all about. As she approached the front door of exactly where the church was meeting, the doorkeeper directed her to go in yet another way.

She had to stroll behind the venue and crawl via a low porch window to get in. After inside my wife saw carpenters functioning, people today smoking and swearing like sailors, coarse conversations and tales of adultery. Then additional under she entered the area exactly where people today gathered. In the dream I got up to preach, burning with the fire of holiness, and right away an assassination try was created on me by an instrument that shot out strange fire.

On the way dwelling from that meeting my wife ran into a really weary and spiritually depleted member of this church who was getting impacted by the deadness of this when life-providing church.

Just as there are evil alliances in the globe so there are in the church. Each are subtle. Each are demonic. We wrestle not against flesh and blood. They are seducing spirits advertising doctrines of demons. It is rampant and worse than you believe. Good people today who’ve been deceived are engaged and involved in these unholy alliances.


The Titanic is sinking but the band keeps playing and the singers maintain singing. Warnings have been issued of the impending danger and devastation. The Ark is getting constructed, but people today are going about their company with terrific indifference and unbelief.

When people today are about to drown and die you do not program parties. You do not entertain the masses. You do not need to have to hear monotone voices telling you every little thing is alright. That is cruel. It is like telling a lost sinner on his death bed that everything’s going to be alright when he’s about to split hell wide open. It is telling church goers that homosexuality is alright—that at some point everybody goes to heaven—that there is no hell. It is dumbing down on the very important necessity of the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the energy of God. It is remaining silent about controversial challenges that impact the church and laws and legislation getting passed to rob us of extra of our liberties. How can we maintain silent through such an onslaught of evil on the church and our nation? Cultural situations have been altering for a quantity of years now, and with it the guidelines have also changed.

A demonic culture with unimaginable addictions requirements to meet a church and a people today complete of energy and unapologetic fire. In a time of mass murders in public gatherings and in the halls of our schools and churches—in a time of hurricanes, earthquakes, flood and fires, and volcanoes on the brink of deathly eruptions—we do not want to see Noah swinging his hips from the platform of the ark and telling you how amazing you are and how God will make all your dreams come correct. It is not a time for pastors to show their wealth, and speak of their multi-million dollar airplanes, and grant people today mild cures for their life threatening ailments and lustful addictions.

I do not care how massive your church is if it is not a threat to Satan’s kingdom and the encompassing darkness. I do not care how well-liked of a speaker you are if hell does not know you. If all people today do is sing your praises God hasn’t sent you. If you only make people today glad, but by no means sad or mad, you are most likely performing a undesirable job. It indicates you are not impacting the culture of sin. In reality, worse than that, you are inoculating your personal people today against the actual Jesus, the actual gospel, and the actual salvation.

If you are in a satisfied church exactly where the cross, the blood, and hell are by no means preached, exactly where there’s no actual energy to redeem from sin, and no warnings are ever offered, you may possibly be in Delilah’s lap.

You improved exit now ahead of your strength is reduce off.

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