‘I Was Glad When They Stated To Me, “Let Us Go Into The Residence Of The Lord.”’


Psalms 120:1-121:eight
me, O Lord, from lying lips’(120:two). God calls us to ‘believe the
truth’, ‘love the truth’ and ‘follow the truth’. We are to be individuals who
‘do what is true’(two Thessalonians two:10-11 three John three-four John three:21). How
can we be such individuals? We will have to preserve our eyes fixed on Jesus. He is ‘the
Truth’(Hebrews 12:two John 14:six). When we are tempted to turn away from
the pathway of truth, we will have to keep in mind this: ‘My aid comes from the
Lord’. We will have to keep in mind God’s guarantee: ‘The Lord is your Keeper…The
Lord will preserve you from all evil’. God’s guarantee is not only for ‘this
time’. It is ‘for evermore’(121:two,five,7-eight). This offers us glorious hope as
we preserve on hunting to Christ,‘eagerly awaiting’ His Return ( Hebrews

Psalms 122:1-124:eight
was glad when they stated to me, “Let us go into the Residence of the
Lord”’(122:two). Why do we go to the Residence of the Lord? We go ‘to give
thanks to the Name of the Lord’(122:four). We seek His mercy for our previous
sins: ‘Have mercy on us, O Lord, have mercy on us!’(123:three). We seek His
aid for our future temptations: ‘Our aid is in the Name of the
Lord…’(124:eight). As we acquire mercy and aid from the Lord, we worship
Him: ‘Blessed be the Lord’(124:six). In our worship, we ‘look to the Lord
our God’, drawing encouragement from His Word: ‘The Lord is on our
side’- In Him we have the victory (123:two 124:1-five). Rejoicing in God’s
blessing, we pray for other individuals: ‘May they prosper who really like You’(122:six).


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