I Like God and I Want to Commit Eternity with Him


by Rex Rouis

This could sound odd, but I like God. I like all the things about Him. I want to go to Heaven to be with Him, and not for the reason that I do not want to go to Hell. I would pick out Heaven even if there have been no Hell. God, or anyone else, does not have to scare the Hell out of me to get me to pick out Heaven. My hand goes up on its personal.

I was sitting in my study couch the other day, and I say ‘in’ my couch and not ‘on’ it for the reason that that is the type of couch it is. I contact it my nest. It is my quiet protected location. As usual, I had all my preferred Bible study points about me, and I all of a sudden had the believed – “I like God. I honestly like performing this.” It is a funny believed seriously, liking God. I imply, why wouldn’t you like God? But sadly, numerous do not.

I like Him. I like his methods. I like what He likes. And, most of all, I like spending time with Him. It is the most effective portion of my day. He is my God and my Most effective Buddy. I believe it is awesome that I can personally interact with the God of the universe. Me, a typical guy, sitting in a typical home, can communicate freely with the 1 Eternal God. I just cannot fathom it. And what is even additional awesome, is that He enjoys my business. I have no concept why. I have absolutely nothing to offer you except my truthful enjoyment of Him, but then once more what else do buddies have to have? I just appreciate His focus.

I like God. I like all the things about Him.

If I had the option amongst God’s holy Heaven and the world’s image of a bliss filled utopian Age of Aquarius Nirvana future, I would pick out Heaven hands down. Why would I want to pretend to be a god when I can be with the actual God? The world’s view of eternal goodness is related to God’s Heaven, however devoid of the God of Heaven. That is shallow and empty. It is God alone that can satisfy our souls. I do not recognize how we will be in a position to stay happy for all eternity with any 1 point or individual. Forever is a lengthy lengthy time. But if anyone can pull it off, I’m confident God can. We will take pleasure in Him and what He will have for us forever.

I think in a individual faith that can move mountains and alter points in this globe. Jesus taught it, and it is all more than the Bible. But I also think that at its core the Bible is not about bringing justice or relief to this globe. It is all about bringing a just folks to the subsequent globe. The subsequent life is the eternal 1. This life is the test. The points of this life are meant to sort out these who do not like Him and do not gravitate toward Him, from these who do. Of course, God could reveal the horrors of Hell to each and every of us and drive us to Him, but why would He want to? God does not want folks who have been forced to be with Him. He desires folks who have shown that they need Him.

But you are a selected folks, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a folks for God’s personal possession, to proclaim the virtues of Him who known as you out of darkness into His marvelous light. When you have been not a folks, but now you are the folks of God as soon as you had not received mercy, but now you have received mercy. I Peter two:9, 10 Berean Study Bible

The grand goal of the Gospel is not to bring justice to this globe, but rather, to pick out a just folks for the subsequent globe.

We all have ups and downs, and from time to time we wonder why points turn out the way they do, but via it all, correct believers are moving in God’s path, and the other individuals, in the other path. Some folks just do not take pleasure in God. It is a challenging truth, but it is the truth. In this, I have a concern for worldly Christians. Most of them would rather do something than fellowship with God. They accept Him into their heart but they do not accept Him into their lives. If they haven’t a need to invest time with Him now, why would they need to invest eternity with Him later? And why would God need to invest eternity with them? He barely knows them. There has to be additional that drives a individual to God than escaping Hell.

But he will say, “I seriously do not know who you are! Get away from me, you evil folks!” Luke 13:27 Modern English Version

God desires faith, and the point about faith is that it requires time to create. Jesus stated, “If you continue in My word, then you are actually disciples of Mine: and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free” (John eight:31, 32). He stated this to folks who currently believed in Him. Apparently, a superficial believing is not sufficient to acquire from God. Hearing from God is the basis of faith (Romans 10:17), and hearing requires searching for and searching for requires time. These that continue on with Him are the ones who hear and acquire their answers. And not only do they acquire answers but each and every time they acquire one thing from Him they acquire a tiny additional of Him. The approach of faith is the approach by which we all turn out to be additional like God. It is the win-win approach of God, and He calls it salvation. In the finish – in the eternal finish – He is the actual prize of faith.

“I like God. I honestly like performing this.”

God is not a church and He is not a religion. He is not just the creator of the universe or the A single who wrote the Bible. He is a Particular person. He is a Particular person who enjoys spending time with other persons. That is why He produced lots of ‘persons’ – typical folks like you and me. He produced us in His image so we could relate to Him and be with Him. The goal and objective of the Gospel is to get us to a location exactly where we can have a unique eternal friendship with Him.

So now Jesus and the ones he tends to make holy have the identical Father. That is why Jesus is not ashamed to contact them his brothers and sisters. Hebrews two:11 New Living Translation

Jesus is not ashamed to contact us family members. What a Present. What an honor. And what a relief! We will be a Household forever. And try to remember, there is absolutely nothing soon after forever. There is absolutely nothing improved than that in all the universe.


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