I [19f] broke up with abusive boyfriend [26] and he is now playing the victim everywhere : relationships


So we met on the internet and knew every other for six months prior to we began dating. Our connection lasted 1 year and 1 month. I was new in his nation and knew no one particular, but him. Given that the quite starting he was particularly dramatic, insecure and jealous, but simply because I was certainly I appreciate I could not see something.

He is jealous, manipulative, dramatic, sly, lied numerous occasions and at the finish (even although I believed I had gone via my trust problem with him) I realized that I could not have trusted him and nonetheless can not. He lied because the quite starting to make me like him and to make him appear like he was the appreciate of my life. He was fundamentally creating every thing appear “ideal”.

Our connection had Lots of troubles (which includes him complaining about my make up, pals, clothing, who I comply with on Instagram and so on), but it also had A LOT of sweet moment and he constantly gave me a lot of affection, focus and support.

I decided not to block him on WhatsApp this time (bc final time he suffered SO Substantially) and at initially we would not speak at all. Then he asked me if we could verify up on every other each and every as soon as in a even though and I was like okay. He sent an e-mail yesterday with 80 old images, a message speaking about him and asking if I am carrying out excellent. I apparently did not reply quickly adequate and he sent “excellent evening” on WhatsApp. I replied neutral and quite short and stated I was alright. Woke up now with eight deleted messages and two Massive texts of him telling me Just about every Small factor he did to me on the course of our connection and asking why I am treating with like that(?).

I am genuinely angry at the moment simply because he also produced two posts on Facebook groups i am also element of and on these posts he “opens his heart” and say how significantly destroyed he is simply because of the breakup and say he is feeling lonely (which could be correct) and that the appreciate of his life left me. It it also a substantial text so I could not sum it up effectively, but hundreds of individuals commented on his post and supported him as if he was the genuine victim.

I know these individuals do not know each sides of the story, but it tends to make me furious how he manipulates every thing to advantage himself. He is attempting to make friendships and all, but why mention this break up shit like that? That is also how I fell in appreciate with him. By exchanging messages. When he writes he feels like a entirely various particular person.

I wonder what I really should do. If I really should block him. If I really should comment on his posts as well. If I really should let go. It feels so incorrect that he is now getting the victim on the eyes of all these individuals. I really feel like all I have been via is nothing at all any longer. All the crazy shit he has stated and accomplished.

Ps: this break up was a significant relief for me. I felt terrible at the starting but now I am carrying out excellent even although it is been two weeks only. I will lastly get to know individuals and make pals and have exciting in this city.

tldr: broke up 1 year connection with very manipulative and abusive boyfriend. he wrote to me once again and produced two posts on fb groups playing the victim. Really should I do sth about it? Feels like the shit I have been via is now invalidated.


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