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I’m Anne Nwakama an HR Practitioner, An Administrator, am into smaller chops organization and other supplies corporations. I am passionate about restoring God’s like and peace to folks, relationships and marriages globe wide.

The key objective of this web-site is to allow every single person have access to actual quotes of life that could empower their believed, attitude and actions towards a single a different to make a chain of character changers by means of the heart to heart Television also to aid learn the truth and facts on how to cope and overcome specific challenges of life struggles, challenges, heartbreak, pains, healing, deciding on Godly companion, staying married and creating a profession by means of articles, vlog,  eBooks (Cost-free DOWNLOAD beneath), books and counsel.

Official Bio.

Handful of years back in 2010 I began as Enjoy &amp Peace Mentor assisting and supporting different folks all over the world in their relationships and marriages  till I came up with the vision is God restoration of Enjoy &amp Peace to the globe.  then after almost a year even though studying the bible I came across the bible verse : two Corinthians  13:11 – Lastly brothers rejoice. Aim for restoration, comfort a single a different, agree with a single a different, reside in peace and the God of like and peace will be with you. The vision struck me that God desires to use me as a Partnership &amp Enjoy Mentor to aid so many individuals singles and married in their journey of life. I have created several errors in the previous, I have observed motives why corrections are vital, I have felt pains and gains which has opened my thoughts much more to find out and teach as the spirit of God leads.

In life we all can’t leave in insolation but we need to relate with other people with various characters and beliefs which has created me grew much more zeal in selfless service to others in overcoming worry, solving dating challenges, gaining deep Godly character, picking out the suitable companion, heartbreak healing, couple’s struggles and picking out a appropriate life profession and sustaining and developing in your successes.

I crave for much more understanding which created me to attain a Certified Counselor Certificate from the Singles &amp Married Ministry and three (three) additional certificates from the College of Marital Achievement (Certified Counseling College) am Also an Administrator, HR personnel and into supplies corporations of workplace supplies, style designing and catering (pizza generating, smaller chops, grills, cocktails, fruit trees in occasions) and other provide corporations.

Ahead of now i have had effective stories on these who have becoming completely healed from heart break, shattered relationships revived, broken marriages restored, modifications in attitude and several much more all with God’s grace through this weblog.

At the moment am operating on various books (titles would be disclosed at a later date) which would be published when prepared, It would be a self character creating, inspirational and life altering books to guide every single person prepared to make superior attitude towards themselves and to other people in the globe.

The strong intend of mentoring is to frequently update the world on Enjoy News (Enjoy Blogger) and encourage the singles and married Males/Ladies/Teenagers working with implies of reality Television Show – Heart to Heart On line Television, radio stations, net (Everyday weblog post, videos (Youtube – click to subscribe), Instagram, Facebook reside chat, stick to on Google + and other social media platform) and speaking at your events.

You can book me by sending a mail on speak to me or send a mail to [email protected] for enquiries, speak at your events, (seminars, programme, speak shows or conferences), counsel, collaboration, sponsored post and blog advert.

I want to encourage every person to join the Heart to Heart Television where you can throw in concerns, burdens and specifically how you really feel about a predicament which we discuss and proffer probable way out in the Vlog. Information sharing is the very best practices to assimilate actual details of life.

A lot has benefited positively from physical counsel, by means of a lot of create up on the day-to-day weblog with God on our side, Lets come with each other to help a single a different in restoring like and peace to the globe.

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A continuous prayer for God to grace his function and fill the complete globe with gorgeous testimonies.


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