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By Greg Holt

(Accurate Conservative Pundit) I know the title could appear a small drastic, but I assure you it is not.  The Democrats of these days along with their RINO compatriots (Politicrats) are nothing at all like the Democrat Celebration of old.  They at least stood for some fantastic points and could be reasoned with – not today’s Politicrats.

The Politicrats have no values, unless you would take into consideration obstructionism, corruption, whoring, political correctness, liberalism, socialism, communism, lying, self-aggrandizement, murder, and treason as values – then the Politicrats have all sorts of values.

The Politicrats and any one who supports them are anti-American, PERIOD – There can be no arguing that reality any longer

Just appear at the following headlines:

Boston Illegal: New DA will order cops to quit arresting criminals for breaking and getting into, destruction of home or shoplifting

Beto O’Rourke the Challenging Left Communist Desires U.S. Wealth ‘fully shared’ With Everybody

Ilhan Omar Urges Release Of Jailed Muslim Brotherhood Leader, Report Says

Home Democrats Block Bill to Quit Infanticide For 26th Time, Refuse Care for Aborted Babies Born Alive

Oklahoma mother murdered: Suspect is illegal alien deported five instances

CNN’s Christiane Amanpour Asks if These Who Chanted ‘lock her up’ Need to be Sent to Prison

Senator Michael D. Crapo Warns Monetary Institutions Against Targeting ‘Politically Incorrect’ Industries and Shoppers

Slavery Reparations-Component I

Rep. Jerrold Nadler – a Duplicitous and Lying Politicrat Who Poses a Grave Danger to America

I could post an report list lengthy adequate to be deemed a book, but I feel you get the point.  The Politicrats only help what advances their personal agendas and to Hell with the American people today not to mention the Constitution.

It is the Politicrats who have utterly refused to safeguard babies born alive soon after an abortion, AND even help the murder of babies Right after they are born!   Attempt that at property, and you will be jailed for murder, so why is it legal in the hospital then?

The American people today – irrespective of whether organic born or legal immigrants, everybody right here legally is becoming impacted by our open Southern border.  News articles routinely mention people today becoming raped, beaten, and murdered by illegals. Notice it is the Politicrats who help maintaining the border open and have fought Trump on securing it every single step of the way.  Democrat politicians want to give illegals the appropriate to vote, simply because they will vote Democrat.  The Politicrats also help providing illegals absolutely free overall health care, drivers licenses, welfare and meals stamps, all paid for by the American taxpayer.

It is the treasonous Politicrats who illegally launched a covert spying system against Donald Trump, and then an illegal investigation that price American taxpayers more than 25 MILLION dollars.  Mueller, the incredibly one particular who headed up this witch-hunt was also the one particular who helped cover up Uranium One particular.

The Democrats have relentlessly pursued the Trump Russia collusion hoax for more than two years – when ignoring the correct collusion involving Russia and Hillary Clinton, as nicely as Russia and Adam shifty-Schiff.  No Democrat or national media character cried collusion regarding these events although.  Surprise?  NOT.

It is also the Politicrats who want to abandon and destroy the Electoral College.  I lately wrote an report on why this is a incredibly terrible concept:

The Most significant Lie in American Politics: Abolish the Electoral College to Make Points Fair – Truly, Most U.S. Voters Will Have NO Say at All

The Politicrats will definitely not authorize one particular cent to create the wall and safe our Southern border, why? Since they want the border to stay open, illegals are the supply of new voters for the Politicrats.  Illegals are also yet another way to destroy the United States of America from inside and move us towards a One particular Planet government.

Yes I mentioned destroy the U.S. think it, it WILL take place if the Democrats stay in energy.  There is no perhaps about this, if We the Persons enable the Politicrats to retain the reigns of energy, We the Persons can kiss America goodbye.

Need to have some motives to think this? How about these:

AOC’s Green New Deal would bankrupt the U.S. – the “deal” would truly price far more dollars then there at the moment is in the complete globe.  It also calls for eliminating air travel, and all cattle, as nicely as tearing down or rebuilding every single constructing in the U.S. to make it power effective.  Seriously, how can any one be this stupid?

The Politicrat “sanctuary cities” safeguard illegals from our personal border patrol, which includes convicted murderers – and this is NOT a one particular time occasion.  They also safeguard drug dealers and youngster molesters.

The Politicrats staged an illegal soft coup try against Donald Trump this is nonetheless ongoing even now.  That is what the demand for Trump’s tax returns is all about, the continued investigations and subpoenas for Mueller’s complete investigation file, and the Politicrats fighting every single move Trump tends to make.  This is all made to bring down President Donald Trump.  The Obama administration was even involved in this horrifying plot.

It is the Politicrats who help intense political correctness and censorship along with their allies in the mainstream media and social media.  Facebook has destroyed or severely broken hundreds of conservative web-sites by way of their censorship.  Twitter has deplatformed or shadow banned quite a few conservative voices when permitting leftists and even Islamic killers absolutely free reign.  CNN’s elitist information-babe Christiane Amanpour lately implied that people today at Trump rallies who shouted “lock her up” ought to be arrested and imprisoned – WHAT???  YouTube has demonetized hundreds if not thousands of channels simply because the channel owners presented truth – the issue right here is the “truth” does not comply with leftist liberal suggestions.

China has implemented a new “social credit” method that can and does disallow access to flights, trains, use of the World-wide-web, fantastic jobs, fantastic schooling, and staying in a hotel amongst other points.  This author is right here to inform you, this IS coming to America courtesy of the Politicrats.  Ahead of you blow this all off as the crazy and ill informed ramblings of the whack-job author, please do oneself a favor and study this nicely written report on the subject:

China Is Constructing A “Social Credit” Method – So Is The United States

The Politicrats also help the Islamists, and this is incredibly, incredibly harmful.  Take Ilhan Omar for instance.  She can rail and demonize Israel all she desires and hardly any one bats an eye.  Not too long ago she named for a jailed member of the terror organization, the Muslim Brotherhood to be released from prison.  No surprise there, a Muslim’s initial loyalty will NOT be to the U.S., no it will be to Islam.  If that does not bother or scare you, then probably you require to study up on the Quran and Sharia Law in order to realize what they instruct their adherents to do.  Such as lie, murder non-Muslims, murder any one who leaves Islam, mutilate female genitalia and so on.

A Democratic presidential wannabe, Beto O’Rourke has decided that any one in America who is wealthy – nicely that wealth wants to be taken away and “shared” with other people.  So why would any one want to perform difficult any longer then, there would be no advantage to it any longer.

This is the future of the Democratic Celebration, and the future of this nation if the Politicrats are permitted to stay in energy.  Only the foolish say these points will not take place in America.  Appear at what the Politicrats have carried out currently, and as a result far gotten away with.

This author has spent a lot of time warning people today, I’m just afraid that not quite a few are listening.


Considering the fact that 2013, True Conservative Pundit has featured the insightful writing and reporting of Greg Holt.  His writing has been featured on American Prophet, Conservative Firing Line, DC Clothesline, Godfather Politics, Capitol Hill Outsider, Sons of Liberty Media, Rev. Austin Miles, and other people.  Greg is also the Publisher and Editor of Inspirational Christian Blogs

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