Here’s why I am NO on Measure YY


San Diego residents here’s why I’m a NO on Measure YY.

  1. I’m all about San Diego Unified Schools so do not study it the incorrect way, I totally help our schools. We have three little ones in the district, two in a SD Unified public charter and 1 in a neighborhood college.
  2. This is basically dollars and cents. There has to be a further way to fund creating and creating upkeep of college buildings rather than raising home taxes. We received our tax bill this week which has rolled up all the bonds into categories for the 1st time. We presently spend far more than $550/year for current SD Unified bonds. For us, Measure YY would raise our home taxes by roughly $150/year for the subsequent 40 years. I’d like to see us spend off some of these bonds from the 1990s just before we add new bonds to our tax bills.

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