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But the LORD stated to Samuel, “Do not appear at his look or at the height of his stature, simply because I have rejected him for God sees not as man sees, for man appears at the outward look, but the LORD appears at the heart.” 1 Samuel 16:7

The nation of Israel cried out for a King! What they didn’t have an understanding of was God was their King, but as an alternative they wanted to comply with a mortal man, does that sound familiar? So simply because of Israel’s disobedience he handed them more than to a human King, who was Saul

From the outdoors Saul looked great, he was huge, powerful, and handsome, this was a man absolutely everyone wanted to comply with. Even so on the inside Saul was evil and corrupted, he didn’t genuinely appreciate God, he loved himself extra.

At some point Saul continually disobeyed God and sinned against him, Samuel had continually regretted anointing Saul the King. Even so God was going to anoint a new King, a King who loved God with all his thoughts, heart, and soul

Who is this mighty King you may perhaps ask? It was a small , young, and lowly shepherd boy named David. This cant be suitable, how can God choose this small boy to be their King? Mainly because God wasn’t concerned about outward appearances, he was concerned about his heart. And David loved God extra than any individual else in Israel. The rest is history as David’s household line integrated Jesus Christ!

Do you really feel like your not “good enough” to serve God? Possibly you have a disability, possibly you have a disorder or healthcare situation, God is nonetheless deciding upon You! God is examining our hearts and minds, not our physical appearances.

God nonetheless has a strategy for your life, be faithful to him and he will anoint you in Jesus name! Amen!


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