Google personnel revolt against obtaining a black, female conservative on advisory board


Kay Coles James is president of the Heritage Foundation, my favorite think tank
Kay Coles James is president of the Heritage Foundation, my preferred feel tank

My preferred feel tank in all the globe is the Heritage Foundation. Just about all of my preferred policy researchers operate there. The president is a conservative black lady named Kay Cole James. Any business would be thrilled to have her on an advisory board. But not Google. A bunch of their personnel revolted against her.

Here’s an write-up from the Everyday Caller about it:

Google staffers are in revolt, demanding the removal of Heritage Foundation President Kay Coles James from an advisory board the business convened on artificial intelligence. A petition with far more than two,000 signatories from inside the business was published on Medium on Monday, with the title “Googlers Against Transphobia and Hate.”

The petition’s signers described the appointment of Coles, a black grandmother, as a “weaponization of the language of diversity.”

The petition was promoted internally inside the business by 5 men and women, some of whom have a history of leftist agitation.

[…]1 of them, Meredith Whittaker, who leads Google’s Open Analysis Group, posted on a private Google listserv that, “I would disagree that their views are crucial to take into account when these views include things like erasing trans individuals, targeting immigrants and denying climate alter.”

[…]Whittaker shot down this concept, “Instead [of] recognizing the historical gravity of our position, and increasing to meet the occasion, we’ve invited a vocal bigot whose hand is on the lever of U.S. policy to shape our views on exactly where, and how, to ‘responsibly’ apply this tech.

There’s no diversity of believed at Google. Don’t forget what occurred to James Damore, when he recommended that there had been variations involving guys and girls? They ended up firing him for holding to view that most Americans agree with. He even had investigation papers to assistance his arguments, but they didn’t care… it offended individuals on the left, so he had to go.

I’m blogging about this these days, even although it occurred final week, due to the fact Kay wrote about it in the far-left Washington Post on Monday.

She wrote:

Final week, much less than two weeks soon after the AI advisory council was announced, Google disbanded it. The business has offered in to the mentality of a rage mob. How can Google now count on conservatives to defend it against anti-small business policies from the left that could possibly threaten its quite existence?

I was deeply disappointed to see such a promising concept abandoned, but the episode was about considerably far more than just one particular company’s response to intolerance from the self-appointed guardians of tolerance.

It was symptomatic of exactly where America is heading. No matter whether in the streets or on the internet, angry mobs that heckle and threaten are not attempting to alter hearts and win minds. They’re attempting to impose their will by means of intimidation. In also quite a few corners of American life, there is no longer space for disagreement and civil discourse. Alternatively, it is agree or be destroyed.

[…]Getting attacked is not new for me. As a black, conservative, pro-life, evangelical lady, I have spent most of my life becoming named names and becoming denounced for my beliefs.

I guess Google is not seriously committed to the only type of diversity that matters: intellectual diversity.

By the way, my Google site visitors on this weblog has dropped off by 90% considering that the 2016 election. I feel Google decided to get significant soon after they lost that elction (and tape emerged of their senior executives actually crying about their candidate losing).

This record of bias against even moderates and libertarians is a concern to me, due to the fact we previously saw that Google feels that it is their obligation to manipulate search final results (and YouTube videos) in order to advantage their allies in the Democrat celebration. If Google seriously is altering their merchandise and solutions to market Democrats, then possibly it is time for the federal government to step in and regulate them, so that our simple human rights are not infringed by far-left fascist extremists.

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