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YAY IT’S FINALLY MARCH! To me, February always feels like an in-between month where nothing happens. I think it’s the fact that spring is just around the corner, and yet… it’s really not. *sniff* Is warm weather too much to ask for?! 😛

Even though it feels like that, I found myself surprised by how many highlights and noteworthy things took place this month! So let’s get into them.

• Like I said above: it’s definitely not spring yet. Seven inches of snow decided to dump on our heads one night, and I don’t think the roads have ever been more scary and slippery to drive on. Even though I dislike snow, it is peaceful watching it fall. After I got off work that night I stepped outside and the world was completely quiet. I didn’t hear any cars, or anyone talking, or any other city noises. It was just me staring out at the snow, and that beautiful moment almost made the cold worth it. 

• I found this thread on Twitter of “the top 100 Marvel quotes.” (I think my top ten favorites are #10, #11, #13, #32, #47, #49, #63, #67, #83, and #100. (and of course all the rest that I didn’t mention, heh. :P)


• Guys, I’m so awkward. Actual interaction I had at work:

me: [is making a drink when I hear the drivethru ding] Welcome to Starbucks, how are you?

customer: [with a low voice that sounds like one of our regulars] good!

me: [assumes it’s the regular I think it is] Oh, is this Jason?

customer: ……no.

me: [goes to the drivethru screen and realizes my mistake] ……. Well, this is awkward.

customer: [orders]

me: [slowly dying inside as he comes to the drivethru window] I’m so sorry, I thought you were one of our regulars!

customer: …. I am a regular.

me: …….. oh. [dies forever]

So it was fun trying to dig myself out of that hole. .-. 😛

• On a more positive note, I GRADUATED HIGH SCHOOL. I’m done. Forever. People keep asking me how it feels and it’s a mixture of it-feels-so-nice-to-be-done and oh-no-what-comes-next?!

• My parents and sister went out of town for the night since she had a gymnastics meet, so I took advantage of this and watched Rogue One at full volume while eating a pizza all to myself. It was a fabulous night and I would 1000% recommend the experience.

• Other movies I watched this month: Ant-Man, Captain America: Civil War, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man Homecoming, Rogue One, Les Mis, Breathe, Black Panther. (as you can see, I’m still going strong on the Marvel Movie Marathon. xD)

• Princess Academy [4/5] – THIS IS SUCH A CUTE BOOK. It’s probably my fourth or fifth time reading it since I’ve grown up with this story… but I still enjoy it just as much. A quick, fluffy, cozy read. <3

• In 27 Days [5/5] Um. Wow. THIS BOOK. I’ve seen bloggers rave over this one, but I didn’t know it would be this well-deserved of the good reviews. I walked into Barnes and Nobles, picked it up, sat down, and didn’t move until I finished it. Then I promptly ordered it from Amazon so it’s now sitting comfortably on my bookshelf, hehe. The characters were amazing, the story was amazing, the writing was amazing. It was full of amazingness. <3 <3

• A Wrinkle in Time [3/5] Another story from my childhood! Our copy (which smells delightfully like old books) is so “well-loved” that the spine is almost completely broken in half, oops. I read this in anticipation of the movie coming out in a few days! It’ll be interesting to see what they do with it since this book is so weird. I hope it’s good. :/

I also bought three books this month since they were all on sale! I don’t have a picture of them since the lighting was being bothersome, but they are: In 27 Days, The Warden and the Wolf King, and Midnight at the Electric. I haven’t read The Warden and the Wolf King yet… I want to reread the rest of the series and refresh my memory before I jump in. But the other two books are two of my favorites that I couldn’t not have on my shelf. <3

Also… I’m just going to drop this picture here. #bookwormproblems #whywontyoufit

I’m still working on third-draft edits, but I’m getting SO CLOSE to completing it! I should be finished by the end of this month so then I can start fixing all my critique partner’s comments. (so many comments. pages and pages filled with stuff to fix, eek.) 

Also, it’s time to freak out and panic because Camp NaNoWriMo is in less than a month. I’m participating (duh, how could I not??), but I have no idea what I’ll be working on. I don’t have the time (or an idea) to prepare for writing a first draft, so I’ll probably just keep editing? But what should I set as a goal? Ack, all things to think about.

Now that I’m graduated, I have all morning to write and it’s the most glorious thing. I’ve been forcing myself to wake up earlier, sit down with a cup of coffee, and then get allll the things done. You better believe I’m going to take advantage of this extra time while I can. xD

Clicking on the pictures will lead you to the posts in a new tab! I’m really happy with how all of these posts turned out for the month. Especially the first novel ones. xD 

(Oh and — usually bloggers have a little section linking to their favorite posts people have written throughout the month and I think that is the coolest thing. At the start of every month I tell myself I’m going to gather and keep track of posts, but I  always forget. -.- BUT I’M GOING TO TRY THIS MONTH because all these wonderful bloggers deserve allll the recognition. I’ll have to write a giant sticky-note reminder on my computer or something so I don’t forget. xD)

I’ve been really bad at thinking about posts ideas lately. They’re usually very last minute which gets rather stressful. So I’m not exactly sure what’s to come! xD I’ll probably end up doing some nostalgic birthday post since I’m turning eighteen on March 19th. Ack. I’M GOING TO BE AN ADULT. *mind explodes* I’m not going to spend too much time thinking about that. 😛

I hope your March is fabulous and filled with minimal stressing about Camp NaNoWriMo approaching! xD


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