Evaluation: Volcanic Momentum


Jordan Ring’s book ‘Volcanic Momentum’ is a revelation – as is he! This is a really helpful and excellently conceived guide to breaking out of ordinariness, inertia and helplessness and taking meaningful actions towards achievable dream realisation. The prose style is beautifully clear, the guidance and ideas often respectful and rooted in empathy born of private encounter and provided the author’s relative youth, there is an astounding wisdom and maturity informing his operate – and a actual humility which is in no way impacted and in no way undermining of his justified self-assurance in his personal potential – and his fitness to encourage other people.
Jordan’s vivid Christian faith is resonant all through this book and often, straight referenced. The section entitled ‘Oh, Captain, My Captain!’ exactly where he advocates that we have in thoughts a function model or inspirational figure, when we are self-motivating, is quite moving and, I located, personally galvanising. Jordan’s function model is, resoundingly, Jesus.
This is the sort of book that, as you are reading it, you want to share with the folks who are most essential to you. It is a motivating and galvanising ‘must read’. Effectively carried out, Jordan – and thank you!’


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